Grandma's POV

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The fire was bright in Grandma's house, warming all who entered. Grandma sat by the fire, warming her hands and dozing off. Her hands were wrinkled and brown like an old paper bag, with a plain silver wedding band on her ring finger. A woollen rug lay over her lap, covered in stains of many different colours.

There was a sudden crash outside the house, and Grandma jolted awake, clutching the blanket. She was expecting her granddaughter, Rose, to arrive soon, but she would not make such a sound. Grandma stood up, hurrying to the window to see what was going on. Outside she could see only the blackness of night and the moon, shining high in the sky. It must be a full moon soon, Grandma thought to herself, just as the crash came again. This time the door gave in, and a large creature tumbled in. It was enough to was enough to give poor old Grandma a heart attack, but she had seen worse. The creature was like a wolf, but twice as large, with longer claws and teeth. Grandma rushed to the kitchen, where she grabbed a knife and brandished it. The creature came after her, growling. It leapt at Grandma, it's claws outstretched, and struck her to the ground. She sliced at the wolf, succeeding in opening a gash in its front, right leg. The wolf howled in pain and knocked the knife out of Grandma's hand. She cried out as the wolf pinned her down, feeling it's hot breath on her face. As the wolf bent down to deliver the killing blow, Grandma caught a glimpse of its eyes. They were as blue as ice, and were alarmingly human. Grandma gasped, and went limp as the wolf sank it's teeth into her neck.

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