Chapter 4 - Chasing for an answer

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As the day ended, Alex met up with Tak at the front of the school. He told her that he spotted Eva, "I saw Eva walking towards the entrance, we better not get noticed." Eva walked out the front, they then began to follow her. They tried to be as quiet and as close as possible, without getting caught. Five minutes after following her Tak whispered, "This is bullshit. Are we there yet? That bitch is giving me a boner. Seriously, my dick is pressing against my zipper and it hurts like a bitch." Alex then looked at him weird and responded softly, "That's just sick Tak, even I'm getting inpatient." As they were both whispering to each other, they then lost track of Eva.

They then began to speed up until finally catching up with Eva, but this time she wasn't alone. Misainka was with her, they were talking about Oro. Misainka said something that gave Alex a reason for her rage. "I can't wait to see our new boy toy, Eva." Eva responded with a sinister smile, "Trust me, you'll love him. He'll be with me for awhile. And you can come and play with us as long as you want." Alex's anger began to build, "That...Heartless... Bitch..." Tak wasn't paying attention to what anyone was saying, "Shit... I would love to tap that ass. I would tap both of their ass's." Alex then kicked him in the shin. "You sick fuck, their talking about Oro and you're talking about sex?" Tak had to hold in his pain, "Shit... I'm saying, Oro is lucky" He responded with pain in his tone.

Eva and Misainka then began to walk, while Alex and Tak followed behind them. As the girls crossed the train track, Alex and Tak were about to cross. Until a train came by and blocked their path. Alex began to scream, "Son of a Bitch! Right when we were so close!" As the train passed on for five minutes, they both lost track of Eva and Misainka. Tak didn't know what to do, "Well... Atleast we know who's involved, right?" As she began to cry, Alex then ran off without saying a word.

He then looked at her as she ran off, "Damn. Why does women always do this?" Alex was at home, she sat in her room. She was in the dark, and under her covers. She then heard her room door open, she saw an all black figure. She then jabbed the figure in the face. As soon as the person went down, she turned on the light. It was Tak the whole time. "Awww... Fuck girl! What the shit!?" Tak yelled as his face was in deep pain. She was upset, "Sorry Tak, I... How did you get in?"

He then got up and explained, " You left the door unlocked. Plus with shit like this going on, I would be worried about you. Also, I need to make sure you don't do anything stupid." Alex then questioned him, "Why do you need to know? Is something wrong?" He explained what he saw after she ran off, he flash backed to what he saw. Tak was following Eva and Misainka to the abandoned meat factory, there were 2 girls from the school who were looking at the place. As soon as Eva saw them she began to talk to them, "Hello? What are you doing in front of my house?" Eva said. As soon as she said that, the 2 school girls laughed at her saying, "You bum! Go back into your crack house!"

Eva then pulled out her nail gun from her school bag, and shot one of them in the head. the girl then dropped and screamed as her voice faded until she died. Blood was pouring from her head where the nail was, she had a suprising look in her eye. the other one screamed as Eva shot her on the leg. "L-Leave me alone!" the girl said. Soon after, she pulled out her knife and sliced her neck open. Blood gushed out of her throught like a fountain, only with blood instead of water. It covered her clothes as she began to drop to her knees The girl then whispered, "W-Why..." She was dead, Eva was smiling the whole time. "Nice one, girl." Misainka responded, as they went into the warehouse. Tak didn't knew what to say but one sentence, "Holy Jesus anal Crist...".

The flashback faded back to Alex's room where he was explaining the whole story, "And that's what happened! I tell you this, I've seen a guy get runned over before. But this shit was just fucked up!" He with fear in his tone as Alex was shocked about what she heard. "S-So.. You know where Oro is? We can save him!? Please! Tell me!" She begged for him to tell her a plan, Tak pushed her off of him and had to bust out the bad news.

"Woah Woah Woah, first thing is that I should tell you all the wrongs with that. First, we don't know if Oro IS in there. Second... In there or not, we need to equip ourselfs with something that'll protect us if we want to come out... Alive!" He explained. Alex was silent for a minute, until she thought of something. "Wait, I know where we can get weapons!" She then changed out of her school uniform, and took Tak to her Uncle's tool shed. As she opened the shed door, Tak was shocked at the tools that they could use. There were many tools such as saws, hammers, nail guns, wrenchs, even Machetes.

He only had one thing to say for all this as he looked dazed but also as happy as he was before, "Ok... Now I think we do this shit."

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