Chapter 25

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"Bye mom," I hug her,"Don't get too drunk."

Her and my aunt Marylyn laugh, saying bye and walking off. Sebastian walks in front of me and laughs.

"Hey step daughter," He smiles, it brought disgust to my stomach.

"Hey, step dad," I playfully punch his arm. He laughs and then my dad walks beside us. Oh no.

"Mister Cade," Sebastian bows.

"Just because you're married to her doesn't mean you're not her butler anymore. You're still the butler I pay for," My dad points at him with furrowed eyebrows. Sebastian's eyes glisten with sorrow,"Of course."

"But I also want you to take care of Christina, because you don't understand how lucky you are. To have that woman love you back. I had that one day..I'm not gonna make this story time, but just, please don't loose her. Shes the most beautiful, most wonderful woman you will ever have Sebastian. So please love her deeply for me," My dad says, starting to water his eyes. I hug his waist.

"Of course Mister Cade," Sebastian bows making his way to the limo where my mom was.

"God he's so lucky," My dad sobs. He was actually crying. I pull the handkerchief from his breast pocket and then dab his eyes.

"Oh dad," I smile hugging him again,"It's okay."

"Sorry baby," He chuckles,"It was so hard seeing them kiss at the altar. Seeing them dance. It just-" A sob stops him.

"I'm going to get going," He says,"Where are you going?"

"I'm gonna stop by the restaurant, see if they need anything," I answer,"Drive safe daddy."

He smiles back at me,"Don't worry."

I wave bye then walk towards my car. Ashton left when I walked out the building but I stayed a little longer than expected.

I was driving down the street towards Harry's condo building when I got a call. I looked down to see it's a blocked number.

"Hello?" I ask into the phone.

"Hey," It was Ethan's voice.

"Oh, hey Ethan," I smile,"What's up?"

"What're you doing?" He asks, sounding sad.

"Driving somewhere why?"

"Tara.." He trails off,"Tara's in the hospital."

"Why?" I stop the car causing the car behind me to stop and start honking.

"She had a seizure during work, and now she's in the hospital," He explains. The car behind me pulled up next to me and rolled down their window, and so did I,"Sorry!"

"Hurry the fuck up!" They yelled rushing past. I started to drive more and more closer to Harry's house,"Is she okay?"

"She'll be fine," He says,"But just she has bad epilepsy."

"Oh," I say understanding and driving into the parking lot of Harry's condo,"Ethan let me call you back later. I'm sorry. Bye."

I took the elevator to his floor then ran my hand through my jackets pockets, grabbing the small golden key Harry gave me. The door to his room was opened and I walked in holding a goodie bag that Emily got for me from the wedding. It was dark inside, and the TV was playing some show. The sound of the TV echoed through out the room, but I couldn't find Harry.

"Harry?" I ask, my voice combining with the clash of the TV. His footsteps got louder as he walked down his stairs. He wore a muscle tank and basket ball shorts.

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