Day goes and come

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My life was so fucked up from the age of 13 to 15 until I met her TYESHIA TA'KELLA SHANA SMITH she changed everything but it began with an I love you when I did but I found out my ex was cheat so I cheated and cheated on every girlfriend I ever had and I blame it on me being in hoes house but and that one day if my ninth grade year September 12 I met this beautiful girl named TYESHIA TA'KELLA SHANA SMITH i walked her to class and in 1st block tyeshia and her friend jekiaya was ugly but Tyeshia was stunning but they came to me asking me for rates after the pep rally but I liked tye on first sight and gave her a rating of 6 n kiaya a 7 but I also told tye that's only because you can't get me and then I met her again on October 12 in gym she was with an ex of mines named amber and I was with her friend Tatyana and me and her was like sis so tye came down there to speak and Tatyana tried to introduce us but we said we already knew each other but we said hey and shit then I took Tatyana chips and tye chased me and then she gave me her number and texted her right away but Tatyana got mad and was talking about this girl named Anna and shit talking about fighting her so when bell rung me and tye was talking and trying to find Tatyana then we found her going for Anna as they were yell back and fourth in the hallway and Tatyana slammed her head against the wall

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