“I don’t want to.” Raelynn kept arguing with Ross since she doesn’t want to stay with his parents for the weekend. We knew this would happen but we just need one weekend off from being parents.

            “It will be fun, I promise,” Ross tells her. “You love grandma and grandpa, don’t you?”

            “Yeah, but I don’t want to spend the night. I want to stay with you and mommy. I’ll miss you,” Raelynn said, sadly.

            I sat next to her on the edge of her bed as she continued talking to Ross, who was kneeling in front of her. I place my right arm around her to let her lean against me.

            “We’ll miss you, too, princess. It’s only for two nights and we’ll come pick you and your brother and sisters up on Sunday,” Ross explained.

            “Okay,” Raelynn looks down at her hands.

            “Don’t be too sad. Two days isn’t that long,” I say. “Now come on. Let’s get in the car.”

            Raelynn was quite the whole ride to Mark and Stormie’s place. I really hope she doesn’t pull a temper tantrum when we leave. No one wants that. No one ever wants that to happen. But I’m happy she wants to be around us a lot. When she grows up, she probably won’t be like that.

            “We’re here,” Ross announced.

            I unbuckle my seat belt and took Brandon out with his car seat. Raelynn slowly walked up to the front door with me following behind her. Ross was still getting Brittany and Mckayla out of the car and it’s taking him longer than usual.

            I took the key that Stormie gave us for when we came over out of my pocket and unlocked the door. Raelynn still stood there, not wanting to walk in.

            “Raelynn, please go in,” I place my free hand on her back and followed her in the house. She didn’t go run to find Mark and Stormie like she normally does.

            Stormie walks in with a smile on her face, “Hey! I thought I heard you come in.” She gave me a hug after I placed Brandon’s car seat on the ground. “Hi, sweetheart,” she looks at the sad little girl standing in front of her.

            Raelynn gave her a quick wave with a frown on her face. I took Brandon out of his car seat and held him close, “She’s not too happy about being away from us for the weekend,” I said above a whisper as Raelynn walked over to the living room and quietly sat on the couch.

        “She’s still attached to you two, isn’t she?” Stormie asks. “Don’t worry; I’m sure she’ll get over it.”

        Ross comes through the front door, placing to two baby girl’s car seats on the ground. “Hey mom,” He hugs his mother and pulls away seconds later.

        “Rae, come say goodbye,” Ross shouts.

        Stormie picks Brittany up out of her car seat, lightly rocking her. Raelynn finally comes walking up to Ross with no emotion on her face. She crosses her arms and blankly stares at both Ross and I.

        “Can we have a hug?”

        Raelynn lightly shook her head causing me, Ross and Stormie to laugh a little. Ross bent down to her level, holding his arms out for her. Raelynn slightly smiled, wrapping her tiny little arms around his neck. I gave a kiss on my baby boy’s forehead then placed in the little playpen Mark and Stormie had for the triplets for when they come over. I did the same with Mckayla. She gave me her adorable little smile before I laid her down.

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