First I was like 'what?!?!?....' Then I was like " ya right and I'm in the American mafia ! What's up homie! To...OMG you guys are terrorists! You're so mean! I hate you guys! How do you get away doing illegal stuff!.........

He clasped my mouth.


This time I bit his hand. HARD.

"*@$#*#*!..What the hell woman!" he let me go.

"If you do that again I'll whack you in the balls!"

"If you don't shut up, I'll shoot you ."

Well that shut me up. He smirked and then started talking to Leonid.

Suddenly we heard loud growls coming from outside.

Oh Crap!

The three men all rushed the window and snuck a peep.

"Grab the guns and open fire." Maxim said in a commanding voice.

(All of them grabbed different guns.) Leonid grabbed the R115, Ivan grabbed a Maverick and Maxim grabbed a R15 Armalite and began shooting through the window while I was sitting on the couch busy admiring my beautiful nails. Completely Jobless...

"Will you get up and do something?!?" Leonid yelled at me.

"What do you want me to do?" I retorted.

The zombies were getting closer to the cabin. There were about 20 now, scratch that,19. "Oh I don't know, why don't you sing a funny song?.... Shoot at them for heaven sake!" he yelled again.


l grabbed the Macrov 7.2 on the table and studied it carefully. How do you shoot a gun? I look to my right , I see Maxim firing at more zombies, I look to my left I see Ivan and Leonid desperately trying to prevent the zombies from entering.

Guess I have to figure it out myself.

I knew the basics and held the gun with one hand. Wow its heavy. And pointed at a zombie and pulled the trigger. The gun fired and I yelped at the sound and dropped it like a little pansy.

All three men paused firing at the zombies and stared at me with the 'Really' expression."What? I've never fired a gun before! Don't look at me that way," I said in my defence. They went back to firing and the zombies kept dropping. And I just continued standing there. The shot that I had fired completely missed the zombie that I was targeting and had hit the wall.

"Make yourself useful by checking if we have any network!" Maxim shouted. I checked my phone.

"No network!" I confirmed. " We need to go to some higher altitude."

"We need to get out of here now. Alexis, grab a bag!" Okay ,he's good at giving orders cause I found myself quickly grabbing the bags.

The snarls became louder. They were trying to get in. Maxim quickly swung his backpack across his shoulder," We're going to split up . Ivan go with Leonid, we need to get a signal from somewhere if we have to survive here. I'll go with Alexis to the cliff-side. Cover for us," and with that he pulls me along with him out of the cabin. The moment we stepped out of the cabin I realised how bad the situation was. There were zombies everywhere! With their ragged clothes, gray skin, sunken eyes and dead expression with only one thing on their mind, that's blood, human flesh and more blood!

We made a run for it.

We ran deep inside the woods and the snarls were fading the further we ran. After about fifteen more minutes of running, my lungs threw a fit and I couldn't run any more. I stopped panting and wheezing like other was no tomorrow.

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