Jade Belpois

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Jade's POV

My name's Jade Belpois, Jeremy Bepois' twin sister. We're pretty much similar in appearence, except I wear a black skirt and a light blue sweater, and my blonde hair is about the same length as Yumi's, only mine is parted down the middle. 

I sighed as I sat down next to my other half in history class. Yes, I'm a brainiac like Jeremy, or what Odd and Ulrich like to call me, Princess Einstein, but I HATE history with a raging passion. Always have, always will.

"Are you okay, Jade?" My twin asked me. I looked at him and smiled. 

"Yeah, I just really hate history." Jeremy nodded and looked to the front when the teacher walked in. 

Odd's POV

I heard Jade sigh and I looked at her. She had a bored expression instead of the usual depressed one. She said something about not liking history, so I let it go... for now.

The teacher walked in the classroom and started calling role like usual, until he got to Jade's name, and looked up.

"The principle wants to see you and Della Robbia in his office." That threw me for a loop, but I nodded and got up along with Jade. When we were out of the classroom, she pinned me to the wall. My shoulders slammed back and her eyes were burning into mine with the glare that they possessed.

"What did you do?" Her voice was almost emotionless, but it had a kind of deadly edge to it.

"I didn't do anything, I swear!" I tried to assure her, but with my rep, it was doubtful that she believed me. 

"Whatever... let's just see what Mr. Delmas wanted." I sighed a breath of relief when she let me go and started twards the administration building.

~~Time Skip to Office~~

I knocked of Mr. Delmas' door and entered when he said we could. I walked in first and held the door open for Jade before closing it and seating myself in the chair next to Jade.

"What did you need us for, Mr. Delmas?" Jade ased nervously. Wait, she doesn't have anything to hide, so why is she nervous?

"Jade, you're parents called and wanted more than just myself, the nurse, and your brother to know about your condition." Wait, condition?

"Tell Jim?" She practically begged. Maybe she is hiding something...

"He's already been informed. And your parents were speaking of telling your friends." Jade's eyes went wide and filled with panic at Mr. Delmas' words. I grew concerned that she was trying so hard to hide it from us.

"What condition, Jade?" She looked defeated at my question and sighed. 

"It's when my throat expands more than it should." I almost sighed in relief, but Mr. Delmas spoke up.

"Yes, however, when that happens, air involuntarily enters her lungs, and if left alone for too long, they can collapse from all the extra air inside." My eyes grew wide and they slowly landed on Jade, who was staring intently at the floor.

"Is there something you can do to stop it?" I ask desperately. Delmas nodded but looked grim.

"Restricting the airflow." He answered simply. Wait... but that means...

"So choking her?!" I couldn't help but raise my voice. "Isn't there any other way?"

"I'm the first known case, so there isn't any medication. They just went with basic knowledge, and it works." Jade told me. She was still looking at the ground. 

"Right, well," Mr. Delmas cleared his throat, "Odd, I would like you to help Jade tell Yumi and Ulrich." I nod and realize something.

"Wait, so is this why Jade dorms with Jeremy?" Mr. Delmas nodded and I did the same in understanding. I looked at the time and realized that we were there for almost the whole period, so I just decided to walk to next class. Jade was quiet the whole time, but I didn't really blame her. She just had something told to me that she didn't want revealed and now she has to tell two other people. While walking the the science building, I wondered how Ulrich and Yumi would take it.


Hey thanks for reading peoplez!! I don't see a lot of these kinds of fanfictions ANYWHERE. I'm also working on a fanfiction with Ulrich having a twin sister that follows the series. Anyway, I shall try to update soon!!!

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