- Stupid -

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I caught Robbie rubbing his wrist, mumbling about how disgusting this man's doing was. The commotion seemed to have triggered some of the other men's attention, and two more rushed in the room. I caught Robbie smirk, he's still the same cocky new kid, personally I have to say.

One launched himself to his front, the other went to attack his behind. Rolling his eyes, he took a step to the side, both (idiot) men crashing their heads together.

"Seriously? He sent you morons to guard her? I must be lucky."

Him being an excellent runner, he did plenty of leg exercises. He used his knee to knock the other two out so easily. He huffed, I could easily tell he was surprised on how easy it was to fight off two guys. But, is that a smile?

Maybe he missed fighting off some morons? Maybe he missed the old days? Oh, why do I even care.

His head slowly turned to me, and I avoided his gaze, looking to the side. I met Alec's gaze and I smiled through the tape. He knew of my gesture through the small crinkle of my eyes, and he returned it. I was far too distracted with Alec, that I didn't notice how close Robbie was until he turned my head to face him.

"Y'know, I can't always save your ass every 5 minutes. I need a break too."

He, painfully, ripped the tape off my mouth. I was positive if he'd gone a little rougher, my lips would've been peeled off along with the tape. I winced, but not a single hint of sorry was in his eyes. It was just... anger.

Earlier they had a mocking shine, now they seemed demanding and threatening.

"Next time, don't expect me to arrive and rescue you. Look, I'm already.." he glance at his watch, "..20 minutes late for my date just because I dropped by to fetch you."

I lowered my gaze, unable to respond to his remarks. Alec came from behind me, and began untying the knots on my wrists and ankles. When he crouched down to untie my left ankle, I turned my head lightly to look at him.

His brows furrowed at the sight of shimmering tears. I knew he was close to snapping Robbie in half, but before anyone could say anything, I spoke up.

"Thank you.."

Robbie raised a brow, a habit he usually does to "charm" every woman's underwear.


"..for waking me up."

"You were asleep? Last time I checked you were aw-"

"For making me realize that hoping for the best can lead to something painful in return."

I finally had the courage to lift my head, capturing him with my gaze.

"What're you on about now, bookworm? I saved your butt."

"And I should be grateful, but I'm not. If I knew that you'd scold me for being kidnapped, I would've just allowed them to kill me."

He chuckled, as if he couldn't believe the words escaping my lips, "Are you stupid?!-"

"Yes. I am. I'm stupid for hoping that the moment you'd rescue me, you'd apologize for acting like an asshole. I'm stupid for hoping that I'd actually get over you, but I ..failed. I'm stupid for hoping that you'd be worried of my condition when I disappeared unknowingly. I'm stupid for thinking I'll have the chance with you...!" I yelled, half weakly.

I hastily lifted up my bruised arms to wipe my strays tears. He opened his mouth to reply, but I beat him to it.

"You wanna know what else?! I'm stupid for falling in love with you, and it's even more stupid because I don't and never will regret it...! "

The cold breeze passed by, and for a moment his hair danced with the wind. For once, he looked beautiful, he didn't look like the monster I'd fallen for.

"I'm stupid, okay?! For a girl who's nose is always in a novel, I'm pretty dumb. And.. I'll be honest, it hurts being as stupid as I am." I let out a light laugh, "Who knew being so stupid can lead to a shredded heart.. and having to cope with it, since no one can ever restore its pieces."

He'd been silent since my outburst. For a moment, I couldn't say anything. Nothing but the soft sounds of cars passing by filled the atmosphere. That was, until I broke it.

"Leave. Go to your date.. You wouldn't want to keep your princess waiting, right?"

Surprisingly, I sounded calm.

I heard him sigh before replying.

"Then what's gonna happen to you?"

"I'll be fine.. Just go," I turned my head away, "..a prince can't keep her princess waiting."

I hoped that deep down, he'd stay with me. That he'd pull me to his chest and refuse to let go. That he'd admit his love for me and not her.

But the moment I turned my head to meet his gaze,

I greeted his back.

I forgot, I'm not his princess.

I felt my heart drop to my stomach, and I couldn't hold it in anymore. The tears spilled again, but I was too weak to even lift a hand to wipe them.

The sound of honking vehicles were loud enough to disguise the sound of cries.

I guess this is what I'll receive for reading too many books, novels, and all those sorts. I learned now, that not every character is bound to get a happy ever after.

Sometimes they lose it.


I've made it home safely, with the help of Alec. Sometimes I'd wished I'd fallen for him instead of someone else. But he found his own happy ending. And it wasn't with me.

The moment I retired for the night, the last thing on my mind was the feeling of my pillow soaked with salty tears.


"Ah, so he came to rescue her?"

"We heard, sir. But he left even before the girl was taken home."

Killian leaned back in his seat,


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