Harrys P.O.V

Emma is finaly out of the hospital

" emma I think we should leave and start a new life " I ask

" so we're going to leave ? " she asked

" yes so we can start our life again with no danger and a real life " I say

" ok " she says and walks in the room, we'll that was easy

~ 2 hours later ~

Emma is packing for us to leave and start a new life. I'm in ellas room remembering that we once had a darling angel living in our house, ok I'll admit it i want Ella back but can you blame me she's my daughter I just wish there was a way to get her back ... I stop and think about why emma adopted ella out ... she wanted her to be safe

I start to feel a tear roll down my cheek

" are you thinking of her?  " emma says from behind me

" is it obvious?  " I ask

" awe its alright " emma says and pecks me on the cheek

I feel a rush of blood running through my vainer and suddenly I start to feel angry

" NO ITS NOT ALRIGHT!!! " I shout and emma jumps back in fair

" what? " she asks

" you just gave her to a fucking adoption center " I shout

" it was allmost 3 months ago " she says and you can hear the guilt in her voice

" but she turned 2 not a while ago and we went there to celebrate and instead she wouldnt of been celebrating her birthday with gifts and a cake in the orfanidge " I say calming my voice down

" like I said I took her to the adoption center slash orfanidge so she could have a better and safer life " she says and you can hear how she is about to break down in tears

" I'm sorry babe I didn't mean to upset you i just miss her so much " I say, i see a tear roll down Emma's cheek and i pull her into a hug

" I miss her too " she whispers and hugs back

~ an hour later ~

I walk into liams room and ofcourse he's texting jasmine, i sit on the end of his bed and start to talk

" hey uh can I ask you a question ? " I say

" hey mate, sure anything " liam says

" when you and jasmine are ready, maybe ... "

" maybe what ? "

" uh when your ready to have a baby do you mind if maybe adopting ella?" I ask

" that probably won't be for a while but ok sure anything for you mate " liam says

" thank you so much, oh and don't tell Emma " i say and walk out of his room

" eeeeeek " I hear Emma scream

I super speed into our room and see Emma sitting in the corner of the room crying

" babe what's wrong ?"

" the vampire council is outside " she says

I look out the window and she is right that is the vampire council... There is the boss of all destruction by vampires ... everyone's here

" come outside with Emma and the baby and no one will get hurt " I hear the boss say through a microphone

" and if I don't? " I shout out the window

" then I will have to kill somebody" he replys and then I hear the door break down i run over to Emma and pick her up bridal style and run into the furthest room in the house

" argh there surrounding the house ... literally " I say I then feel a strong pull and i drop Emma and he grabs her aswell and we get dragged outside

" were is the baby " he asks in a fake calm voice

i then see liam, Niall, Louis, and Zayn get pulled out aswell

" the baby is no where to be found " a guard person says

" ARRRGGGGGGHH !!!!!! " he screams

" WERE IS THE BABY!!!!! " he screams again

" we don't know " emma squeals

" what did you say pip squeak "

" I said WE DONT KNOW "

" what do you mean you don't know " he says

" how can you not know what I don't know is " I say

" don't interupt, and that does not make sense "

right then I see one of the guards get a bat and another one gets his gun out and starts walking over to us

the boss snaps his fingers and " BANG!! " I hear the gun shoot and look over at Louis and he's blacking out

" how is it possible to shoot us were vampires " I ask

" its a vampire gun that vampire hunters use " he says

I then feel someone knock me on the head and then "BANG" the bullet hits me

" NOOOOO !!!!" I hear Emma scream before I black out

Emma's P.O.V

I'm the only one left still not on conscious and then I remember that I'm the chosen one and i am stronger than ANY vampire or werewolf combined

" ok here's the deal ... chosen one, you let us drain your power or or we kill all your friends and family " the boss says

" fine, ok deal " I say and then we start walking inside the forest to the vampire council


Omg the book only has like 2 chapters left

sorry that I havnt updated for ages but I will probably be updating more often untill the book is over ... i thank all of you for encouraging me to carry on with this book and I couldn't have done it without you :)

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