Chapter 3

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------ the day they leave

Emily walked in the large front door to her reasonabley sized house after an exceptionally bad day at school again but the fact that her and her mum were leaving in a few hours kept her going. she ran upstairs and got changed into somthing comfortable but not too obvious they were gonna be travelling, after all they were keeping it a secret from her dad! Emily had no siblings so it was just going to be her and her mum.At the age of 17 she wasin the middle of her driving lessons so they decided they would risk it and drive half way each. (a/n here in england you start at 17 and get your license at 18 if you pass) As emily finished getting changed she heard muffled yelling she tried to figure out what theu was saying.. "YOU STUPID WOMEN WHY ARE TRYING TO RUN AWAY YOU KNOW WHAT I CAN DO TO YOU" then she heard a slapping noise! She ran downstairs to see what was going on. She entered the front room and saw her mum clutching her cheek and her dad with a clenched fist. She ran forward and yelled "STOP! WHATS GOING ON!" Then it eas explained to her that her dad had found out about the holiday and that they were running away. Emily charged upstairs and flopped onto her bed and buried her head in her pillo. She really wished she hadnt put her finger up at miss westwood earliar that day. She decided on a plan, they would sneak out when he dad left to go drinking! she pulled out her suitcase and emtied her entire wardrobe and emtied her desk and draws shoving as much as she could in her large suitcase and then sliding it under her bed before sneaking into her mum and dads room and doing the same for her mum but not making it too noticable as her dad would be going in there too. she slid her mums suit case under her bed along with her own suitcase and crept down stairs to in form her mum. Then it was just a case of waiting.

----2 hours later

The door slammed shut as Emilys dad stormed out to go drinking. This was their chance! Emily ran upstairs to get the cases and flew down again dragging the heavy packed cases behind her they ran out of the door into the car and drove off finnally smiling for once in a long time. the car ride was a total of 4 hours from london to blackpool. The journey went fast with Emilys playlist on in the car. Her mum grew to like this genre of music on this trip. finally it was time for Emilys mum to drive as she had done 2 hours and that was the deal. They soon arrived at the holiday site they booked and were put in a hotel suite at the top of the hotel. Emily dumped her bag in her room and flopped on the bed while her mum walked to the window and looked out, she iled and looked at her watch. "COME ON LETS GO AND PARTY" before getting changed. "Well, it is 9pm" Emlily giggled amd also got changed. and put her makeup on and they both headed to the show for a night of hard core underage , and over age in Emilys mums case, drinking this was gonna be good!

A/n hiyaa sorry this is such a shitty chapter its kind of a filler because i needed them to get to the site thingy and the next chapter Michael and Emily meet , well, they make eye contact idk depends how long i make the chapter anyway thanks for reading bye peepsicles xxxx

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