I felt asleep on my way to the palace.

I was dreaming.

It was cold , breezy. The sun was covered by the clouds.

I walked my way to a garden of flowers. It feels like paradise. So beautiful. I picked one of the flowers and smelled it. Funny, it smells like strawberries.

Then there was the light. I closed my eyes for a bit. When I manage myself to open, there someone coming towards me. As the person came closer, it was a boy with brown hair, and brown eyes. Somehow he looks dreamy enough for me to catch.

He hold my hands in his mouth and kissed them.

He was breathtaking.

“You are here. At last. We are together now , Valerie.”

I heard myself manage the words “ Yes we are. Kiss me.”

He was about to kiss me when everything went pitch black.

I heard him say “ No. Valerie! We cant be apart!”

His voice echoes and all I heard next was the sound of screams.

Screaming “ Valerie! Princess! Wake up!”

Thats when I woke up.


I woke up when the car came to a brake that push me out of my seat and slam to the chair in front of me.

Ouch. Bloody hell. Suddenly a guards came knocking on my window.

Princess! We have to leave! We are under attack. We...”

He stopped his words as I witnessed his throat being sliced and he fell to the ground.

I scream. I quickly look the doors as I look up it was that scarred guy I saw back at the manor. He point out his blood knife as he potrays that he is going to kill me.

I searched around and no one was here but me.

Suddenly, there was a hard drop at the rear window.

I shivered and turned.

A guard's head with no body fell on it , full with blood. My eyes went wide and

I scream for help when the door by side open and strong arms grabbed me by the shoulders and dragged me out.

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