Start Of My Life

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*Isabella's POV*

I grabbed my stuff for english and then shut my locker, holding back my sudden anger. I must've looked like a mess. No make-up on my face, for once I had no time to do it, my hair thrown into a messy ponytail and my bright brown eyes seemed duller than usual. I wouldn't put it past my best friend, Chloe Houston, to have noticed these things.

Speaking of the devil, when I turned around, she was leaning against the locker next to mine, a questioning look plastered onto her face. She had dark olive skin, that I admit I was jealous of, black hair and a stunning pair of dark blue eyes, that often appeared brown in some light. She studied my face, probaly hiding the disgust of me not looking my best.

"Okay, spill. WHat has got you into a huge hype?" She asked, raising her eyebrows at me, waiting for my response.

"History class." I stated as I leaned against my locker, gazing slightly at the people walking past us. 'Your older brother is in my class remember. Everytime we have it, he takes great pleasure in annoying me. I swear, Jayden didn't need to remind me that I look like a mess." I huffed and folded my arms.

Chloe snickered slightly at my annoyance. She knew that Jayden and I had a wierd past, we went to the same primary school, and I wasn't the nicest person to Chloe, though she didn't mind and in Freshman year we put the past behind us and became friends, though Jayden didn't forgive me that easily. Not that I was complaining, I didn't really like her brother, who was put back one year for being born at the end of the year.

"Maybe he meant a sexy mess." She winked and I gagged at her comment.

"Ew." I grumbled. 'That's gross, Chloe. He hates me, he makes it obvious every single day. Why can't he just forget the past?"

"Did you do something t anger him years ago?" Chloe asked.

"No!" I quietly shouted. "Well, not anything I can remember." Not exactally. I do remember it, like it was yesterday, but I wasn't going to tell that to Chloe. It would explain so much for her but still leave her confused, and a tad hurt that I never brought it up before.

"Let's just go to english before we are late." Chloe opened her mouth to say something when we heard a voice that we hated heard for the entire day.

"Look girls, it's the two homeless girls." Angelina Jakobs laughed, her friends joining in.

I glared at her, feeling a surge of anger filling me. Sure I was wearing a band shirt and jeans, who cares? It was autumn and they were comfortable. Chloe was wearing a long sleeved partial floral shirt and a skirt with leggings higging her legs.

Angelina and her three friends, Maria Smith, Stacey Baker and Holly Wood, always had the latest fashion. I was often surprised that they had the money to buy all these clothes. Many of them I saw were very expensive, how much money did their parents earn each year to let their daughters dress like sluts.

I snorted at Angelina, I was so use to her snarky comments I grew use to replying. "Well at least I don't look like I'm a slut that needs to pay rent in a day."

They stared wide eyed at me, I just huffed and walked off to my next class. I wasn't fully surprised when I felt Chloe grab my forearm, she was always my rock, keeping me grounded.

"You are going to get into trouble sooner or later, I can see it already." She hissed at me.

I tried to brush her comment off, though I started to feel a bit sick to my stomach. It was true, I wanted my parents to be proud of me, getting suspended or expelled wasn't going to be good to get into a high college. I had to work to get there, hence why I was in all extention classes. Getting to college was hard work, and I didn't care if it made me a goody-goody. It showed I was going to go somewhere in life.

I gazed at her, I knew she was only looking out for me. Heck, if I couldn't do it myself, then someone needed to. Chlow took that role when she became my friend, my only real friend, not that either of us minded all that much. We got only well with the boys that were part of her brother's group.

"Oh, yeah, Chloe."  avoice, belonging to Ian Clark made my friend's cheeks go rosy a tad bit.

"Ian!" She exclaimed, I swear that girl's crush on him couldn't be any more obvious. "How are you?"

"I'm good." He chuckled and I laughed quietly at my friend's enthusiasm. "I wish I could continue talking to such a pretty lady, but I gotta run, my class is on the other side of campus."

He winked at us before running. Ian was cool, not popular but still a biut sporty. He was more like a geek. A cute geek I must admit, with curly brown hair and dark brown eyes.

I grabbed Chloe's arm and dragged her off. "Come on, lover girl." I teased.

Her cheeks heated and shrugged my grip off her arm. "He's just a friend. Plus Jayden hates any guys flirting with me."

"Hook up with him secretly." I suggested.

"Why?" She questioned, and I mentally groaned. Was she that oblivious?

"He totally likes you, Chloe. Why do you care what Jayden says? You're your own person, he can't keep you to himself, you need to be free." I stated.

She frowned before grinning. "Great idea, but I swear you are a bad influence on me."

I laughed evilly to express my inner madness, and she just giggled at my craziness. I guess I was a bad influence on her, but I don't hear her complaining about me getting her to do things she wouldn't normally. So, I wasn't a bad influence on her, only if she started complainig. We were so different, yet so similar, taht's why I think we click. We bring out the best and worst in each other, a bit like siblings do.

We got to english just as the bell went and Miss Calder frowned at us. "Miss Houson, Miss Miller. Try and be on time next time."

"But," Chloe started, "we were on time. We got here befor ethe bell went."

The class "ooh"ed at my friend. I couldn't blame 'em. Chloe was starting to show signs of me. I guess I'm a worse influence than I thought. Innocent Chloe starting to act like me? That's outrageous. Though I loved it.

I grabbed her arm and dragged her to the back of th class where our seats were. We sat down and opened our books to a blank page for the lesson. Chloe began immediately complaining quietly to me about the unfairness of the teachers.

To be honest, I was just glad we didn't get detention. I would never hear the end of it from my parents if I did. Thourgh out the hour long class, I felt a head ache coming along. The teacher's lesson, people in class yelling to each other and Chloe complaining about school was all too much for me.

I never wanted to get out of school more than I did in that last lesson on Thrusday, not looking forward to doing homework of course.

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