Chapter 4

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Ana is sitting across from her blind date. She can't believe Sarah. She should know by now what her type is and what it isn't!

The sports player looks up at her date. Sam has bleached blonde hair, that's shaved at the one side. she also has a nose ring. That wasn't what put Ana off. It was Sam's behaviour. Her rude manners and constant swearing in a very posh uptight restaurant. Ana was embarrassed. She couldn't wait for it to be over.

Ana Kent storms into her friends apartment. "Really Sarah?"

"What?" the blonde asks

"you set me up with an obnoxious butch!"

"You don't like butch women?

"Yeah, I do like them, but not when they use their hands to eat a steak and then swear like a drunken sailor! not really my type!" Ana moans

"You have a type?"

Ana wasn't amused with Sarah's attempt of humour. "There's someone I actually have my eye on" Ana says shyly.

"But you don't know if she's gay or not?"

"am I that predictable?"

"Yes, yes you are" Sarah smiles.

Sarah sits Down next to the light brunette and asks her to continue on this female she is interested in. Ana tells her, that the red head she likes is called Cara and she's a chef at the country club where she trains. They have made the odd comment to one another and there's been a few glances from both ends. She is just not sure if the sexy chef is interested or even gay!

Sarah gets the girls together and go to the country club to check this girl out. They try loads of tests to prove that cara is gay, but nothing works. The last straw is to get Dylan to hit on her. No gay women turns down Dylan. After that failed. The girls give up. Cara is clearly straight. Which left Cara disappointed.

The next few days, Ana tries to avoid Cara as much as possible. She knows that the chef isn't into girls and seeing her will just make the tennis player want her even more. In the locker the room after practice, Ana is stunned to see Cara there, the tall red head walks towards her and kisses her! Ana is thrown back by this.

"If you wanted to know, you should of just asked" the chef smirks. Leaving the Eastwood girl in the locker room alone. With a huge grin on her face.

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