THE NEXT FEW days that followed; the weather turned colder and it got worse for Harry

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THE NEXT FEW days that followed; the weather turned colder and it got worse for Harry.

One night when we were in the study hall kept getting dirty looks from people who weren't, Ron, Hermione and I but even Hermione and Ron were weary.

He excused himself to go and I went with him just incase.

We walked along the corridor until he stopped abruptly, "What?"!I asked

"The voice." He said.

"Whats it saying?" I bugged him.

"Blood....I want blood...They must all die... Kill. kill kill...Time to kill."

I gulped. "Can't you always hear it just attacks."

He nodded and we sped off not after we bumped into Hagrid.

"Oh hello you two!" He said

"Hi Hagrid." We both said quickly.

"What are those?" I asked, meekly, pointing at the feathered things on his shoulder.

"Oh the school's roosters." Hagrid said, "Someones thought it was funny to strangle all of them to death."

"Thats terrible." I said.

"Are you okay, Harry?" Hagrid asked, "You don't look too well."

"Fine." Harry mumbled, squaring his shoulders.

"Well I must be off, nice seeing ya."

We said bye and sped off again.

I reached the corridor first and gasped at what I saw.

Flying motionlessly in midair was a petrified Nearly Headless Nick.

And behind him was a petrified Justin Finch-Fletchley, a Hufflepuff, from Herbology.

Harry soon caught up and looked shocked.

I watched over to Justin, fear was etched upon his face and his fingers were as cold as ice.

"Es." Harry nudged me, "Look." He pointed to the window sill where more spiders were scuttling away.

I gave him a confused look.

Before I heard a scratchy voice say.

"Caught red handed." I spun around saw Filch.

"I'll have you both this time mark my words."

"No w-wait Mr Filch y-you don't under-" Filch had already gone.

"-stand." Harry sighed.

Seconds later he returned with Professor McGonagall.

"Professor I swear we didn't." I said timidly.

"This is out of my hands. Both of you follow me." She hightailed it down the corridor with us on her heels.

We reached a non familiar corridor and which by the looks of it must've led to Professor Dumbledores office.

We stepped onto the first step of the Griffin door.

Oh right!

I just got that.

Anyway McGonagall said, "Sherbet Lemon." and the steps grew into a staircase leading upward.

We stepped through the threshold into a rather royal looking room.

Dumbledore's desk was at the head of the room and next to it on a perch was a tired looking yet beautiful Phoenix.

Harry smiled at it and it burst into flames.

I laughed in amusement at the look on his face.

"Harry. Esme." Dumbledore greeted us, he had appeared out of nowhere.

"Sir," Harry said shocked, "your bird, there was nothing I could do, it just... caught fire!"

"About time to." Dumbledore said as Harry looked even more perplexed, if possible. "He's been looking dreadful for days."

"It's a Phoenix, Harry." I told him, "they catch fire when it is time for them to die and then are reborn from the ashes." I said as a baby Phoenix covered in ashes cawed.

"Fascinating creatures Phoenixes," Dumbledore sighed, "they can carry immensely heavy loads and their tears have healing powers-"

Just then he was cut off because Hagrid just came bounding into the office shouting.

"Professor Dumbledore, sir! Professor Dumbledore sir! It wasn't them. In fact I'd be prepare to swear it in front of the Ministry of Magic!" He shouted.

"Hagrid. Hagrid!" Dumbledore yelled silencing him. "I do not believe that Harry nor Esme attacked anyone."

"No. Well of course you don't but-" Hagrid cut himself off. "Oh right then I'll just wait outside." He waddled off and shut the door firmly behind him, I heard several picture mutter about precious door hinges.

"You don't think it was us, Professor?" I asked wearily.

"No. I do not believe it was you. But I must ask is there anything you wish to tell me?" He replied.

I was about to speak but Harry cut me off by saying.

"No, sir, nothing."

Dumbledore gave me a knowing look.

"Okay then off you go." He sighed.


Christmas break came sooner than expected.

And I of course was staying at Hogwarts again.

Dad really is shutting me out for some reason since I started school but I know better than to ask.

We were all stood in the courtyard wrapped in cloaks as the snow laid thickly on the ground

"Watch out everyone!" We heard from behind us.

Fred and George.

"It's the Heir of Slytherin." They joked at Harry.

He huffed and started to walk back inside.

"Harry." I sigh and we jogged after him.

"They're just teasing, y'know." Ron said.

"Harry, I don't know if this will make anything any better but Malfoy Is staying for the holidays too." I told him.

"Why do we care about that?" Ron answered for him.

"Because in a few days, the Polyjuice potion will be ready," Hermione told them, "in a few days, we may know who the Heir of Slytherin truly is."