Chapter 30- followed

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Leaving the club


Ashton gripped me tightly. I was wobbling all over the place. "I am not drunk," I slurred to Ash. He laughed loudly. "Your a lightweight," he continued to laugh. I made him stop on the path so I could take my heels off. "Babe, there's someone following us," I managed to say fully. I took a little peek behind me and saw a creepy man. Ashton moved me in front of him,

"keep in front," he whispered. I nodded as I gripped his hand tighter. I peeked over again at the man. He was tall with light hair. He wore light brown khaki pants and a black hoodie, but his hood wasn't up. He was smoking a joint and swaggering behind us.

"Ash, am scared," I whispered as we turned a corner. He squeezed my hand tightly, "everything will be fine," he assured me.

Chloe POV:

Luke and Shannon were walking a bit in front of us. They were close together and their hands were joined. Shannon had her heels off and was standing on her tip toes. Ash and and Abi left just before us so were a bit ahead. "Shit, there's paparazzi!" Calum hissed, Luke turned and nodded. "Clo, we need to find a taxi, now." He squeezed my hand, "there I found one," I said loudly. I staggered onto the road to stop the taxi. "Clo, you need to stay close," Calum shouted running after me.

"Why did we have to leave?" I asked stupidly. Calum was sending directions to the driver as I sat in the back swaying. "The paparazzi wanted photos," Calum explained loudly. I sighed, "we aren't going back to the tour bus," he whispered. He leaned in and kissed me on the lips. I pushed harder and the kiss became heated. "We aren't sharing a room with anyone either," Calum winked as we paused for breath. I searched for his lips again knowing the sparks between us were at an all time high.

Julie POV:

"Jules, there's flashes coming from outside, has something happened???" My mum panicked as I rolled my suitcase down the stairs. Shit, I never thought the paps would follow me around like a lost dog. "Michael and I had a fight but I need to go to fix things," I said annoyed by the photographers. My mum processed this carefully and her eyes widened. "I need to find a way out of here," I whispered hitting my case like a drum.

"There's one way we can get you to the airport without being followed," she smiled and took my suitcase.

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