No Escape

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Class had ended real quick for today and I haven't spotted Harry. I wonder if he ever came to school. I started walking towards my locker to grab my things when I felt a tap on my shoulder. When I turned around it was no other than Jenny, the girl from our mathelete. She dyed her hair white and at the ends of her hair there were purple stripes. Her huge glasses that's covering her nose are staring at me intently.

"Hey em , are you gonna go for practice today?" Her rainbow colored braces came in to view while she asked.

"Yeah, I'm heading to Class C right now ."

"Can you tell Mr.Yang that I can't attend today. I have to drive my sister to the dentist."

"Yeah sure. I'll tell him."

"Really? Thanks Emma. I'll see you soon."

"No problem "

As soon as she walks away, I turned back to my locker, stuffing my math book in my bag when suddenly someone pushed my back towards it. I let out a whimper and shut my eyes, too terrified to open them,

"Did I scare you."

The familiar deep voice rang my ears bringing a huge smile on my face. I opened my eyes slowly, revealing Harry smiling down to me.

"A little bit."

"Seems like you almost pissed In you'r pants.".

I rolled my eyes making him grin widely. He backed away and let me stand up properly and not have to speak to him while leaning my back towards the locker.

"I've been looking for you in Class C, but you weren't there. Figured you'd be by your locker so I asked some random dude and he showed me this way,"

"Who? No one knows me. I'm like invisible."

" I don't know his name."


He suddenly grabbed a string of my hair and tucked them behind my ear . Which is kinda awkward.

He stared at my face as if he was thinking about something. There was a crease between his eyebrows. Soon enough, he let go of my hair and cleared his throat.

"Come with me"

I looked at him confused.

"I'm not going anywhere , I have math practice "

"Oh c'mon just for a day.. Pleease"

"Harry I can't "

"Please Emma. Just once."

I sighed and rolled my eyes when he made a puppy face trying to coaxed me into skipping math practice. I mean it won't hurt a fly right?


"Yes, now what are we doing here anyway. Let's get out of this hell hole."

Harry practically dragged me to his car and thank The Lord I won't be riding my car with my insane driver of a brother. Harry and I walked to the school parking lot with him,still grabbing my arm. Soon, we approached a black Range Rover .

"Is this your car?" I asked dumbly.

"Yeah, now get in"

I slipped to the passenger side while Harry started the ignition. Holy shit I'm in a Range Rover . I've seen them in pictures, but never have I seen it in the inside.

"What happened to your other car?" I questioned while we both drove away from school. We are now passing the gas station.

"Oh that one. Gave it to my cousin , that thing is a piece of shit anyway."

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