.... Emily's POV ......

No answer .

I keep calling Daniel but he's not picking up.

This is too much , I never wanted this ..... I just .... I'm so confused . should I be worried or should I let it be and live my life .

What if something bad happened to him ?

what if he's hurt ? what if -

My phone beeped a message from Daniel :

You have to stop calling me , I need time it's for the best I care about you Emily just remember that .

He cares about me ? and he needs space ?

I don't get this .

"Emily I need you to read this file ." back to work .

I need to wait and talk with sky .

||| Jason's POV |||

"I would like the lasagna ." I ordered

"And for you ma'am ?"the waiter asked

"I'll take the ravioli . thank you." Answered Stacey

"Would you like anything to drink ?"

"A bottle of rosé ." There wine is amazing here .

The waiter walked away and Stacey started blabbing .

As our food arrived I heard a familiar laugh .

Skylar's laugh !

My eyes started roaming the exquisite restaurant till they fell on a laughing brunette .

I couldn't help but stare at her eating her pizza typical Italian dish and a coke I chuckled at how down to earth she is being in a 5 star restaurant .

Stacey was watching me with curiosity and a smirk formed on her lips when she found out who I was staring at but I didn't care .

Then my eyes turned to the blond guy that was making skylar laugh .

Wait ..... wait a blonde guy ?

I stood up as quick as I realized and marched at there table .

As if sensing my presence skylar turned her face and when her eyes met mine she froze .

Austin turned around as well and smiled at me .

Wait ! Austin ?!

"What are you doing here Austin ?" I my voice sounded more calm then I thought it would be .

"As I recall this is a restaurant I wonder what people do in this place ?" and cocky Austin is here .

"I mean with Skylar ." I said in a venom tone . my eyes then wondered to Skylar who was eating peacefully like everything's okay .

"Eating lunch Jason what does it look like we're doing ?"

"Why are you eating lunch together ?" my voice got higher .

Stacey was by my side in an instant my eyes flew to skylar 's eyes which have darkened and looked angry .

"Calm down would you Jason why don't we all sit together ?" Stacey suggested.

"Actually we we're gonna leave. Right Austin?" Skylar declared with a challenging tone . was she challenging me ? well she's not leaving this restaurant with Austin for sure .

"No ! we're gonna sit together ." and everyone did as told .

/// Sky's POV ///

We all ate in silence .

I was sitting in front of Jason and Austin by my side .

"Are u gonna explain ?" Jason's demanding , annoying voice broke the silence .

"Explain what Jason ?" I smiled sweetly at him and that only made him angrier .

"Don't play all innocent wit me why were you with Austin ?!"

"Why are you with Stacey ?" I asked

"Stacey and I are friends ."

"Austin and I are friends ." I said in a mocking tone .

"Oh really when did you become friends ." he glared at me .

"When you introduced us ." my voice started rising .

"So your friends now and friends come to fancy restaurants for lunch "he raised his voice

"Are you serious ?!?! then what are you and Stacey doing here?"i started shouting .

"Stacey is engaged !" he shouted .

"So she's not married and even if she was she could still cheat on her fiancée !" I shouted .

"Hey you don't have the right to call me a slut ." Stacey shouted getting offended

"Oh shut up would you this is all your fault ." and with that I stood up and left the restaurant .

I kept walking till I found a taxi .

All this time I thought Jason would run after me

Would at least call me .

Would text me .

Would stop me from leaving .

Would do anything but stay seated .

But here I am now in my apartment alone eating ice cream .

It's nearly 5:30 Emily should be getting back from work .

My phone beeped and I ran to it thinking it was Jason but it was Daniel ?

Sky I need you to take care of Emily for me just for a while till I I'm down with some stuff . don't let her think about me , I need space . Keep her away .

Hopefully you will understand .

I had no time to think about the message since the door opened revealing a paled Emily .

"Em ! oh god ! what happened to you ? you look like shit ? " I ran to her and hugged her .

"Wow thanks ! you don't look that good either ." my red eyes probably gave that away

"Yeah it's nothin, so haven't had news about Daniel ?" I sighed . Sitting on the couch next to her .

" I did a text asking me to wait ..... but I can't sky ! take me to his apartment ,please please I need to talk to him I need to see him , I need to know what happened please " she started crying in my arms

"I can't ." I whispered .

"Please your the only one that knows where he lives I didn't get chance to .... sky please ." Tears fell from her eyes she looked at me desperately .

"I can't Em I got a text too ." I mumbled showing her the text making her cry more more and more till she fell asleep .

That's the first time Emily Johnson has ever fallen asleep crying about a guy .... And know that I think about it that's the first Time Emily has ever cried over a guy .

Oh Daniel , what have you done to poor Emily ?

||| Daniel's POV |||

I watched her get into her apartment she doesn't look good she's pale , sad eyes , bags under her eyes .

This is all my fault but it's for her good she needs to stay safe so does sky .

I need to finish this as fast as possible.

I need my Emily back .

/ ///////////////////


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