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I gave Mike back his phone and ate something quick and went up to my room and then I saw it and OMG I wasnt expecting this.....


I looked around the room and it was filled with balloons and and in the middle of it all I see a male figure standing facing the window, I cleared my throught and he immediately turned around to face me. "I got your text" he said looking down which immediately made me feel guilty "Well you have issues" I said loud enough for him to hear "Yeah I get that a lot" he said scratching the back of his neck. I made my way to the bean bag chair and sat down, his eyes not leaving me which made me feel uncomfortable "I'm sorry" he said "Oh" I said "What?" he asked confused "I wanted to be the first to say sorry" I said he smiled "You dont have to be" he said and looked at me "I messed up" he continued then looked straight into my eye and said "I love you" I looked at him with heart eyes "I love you so much" I said getting up and hugged him as tight as I can, Of course he was stronger than me so it wasnt that hard for him. "Lets go downstairs?" he suggested "But what about Mike?" I asked "He knows I'm here if not then he must have forgotten that he let me in" he said smiling "You're cute you know that?" I said "I get that a lot" he said smirking "By who Malik?" I asked "My mum, my sisters and you" he said counting on his fingers making me chuckle.  "I love you" I said smiling "I love you too babe" he replied "So about that text.." he started "Before you talk about that.." I said "What?" he asked "Give me your phone" I said and he did as told, I deleted the text I sent him and gave him his phone back "There we go.... it never happend" I said as I kissed his cheek. 

 So as soon as we got downstiars, we found Mike in the kitchen standing there smirking at us, "What?" I said "Nothing" he replied smiling and shaking his head "Telll meeeeee" I whined "You're cute.. both of you" he said laughing "You're such a weirdo you know that?" I said chuckling "Yeah I get that a lot" he said rolling his eyes.

We spent the day together just hanging out, having fun, being the weirdos we are, it was weird how quite Zayn was by the end of the day though, ever since he got a phone call at about 10:30 pm


"Hello? Who is this?"...."What do you want?"...."Not right now"..."I cant come right now"...."I said I can't"..."I dont wanna do this anymore"..."Fine then I quit working for you"..."I just did" 

End Of FlashBack

That was all I heard from his phone call before he hung up on whoever it is. Right now its about 1 AM and only both of us were awake, Mike fell asleep, "Babe" I whispered but he didnt answer "Zayn" I said slightly touching his hand "Yeah?" he said "Are you okay?" I asked "Yeah Im good" he asnwered without even thinking "Whats wrong?" I asked "Nothing is wrong" he said, I sighed and said "if you say so" shrugging it of, he then checked the time and said "Its late you should get to sleep" I slowly got into his arms and kissed his cheek "You're not okay" I said "Im fine" he said "Well I wont leave till I find out whats really wrong" I said softly "Well I need sleep" he said getting up and walking upstairs slowly, I sighed and decided to sleep on the couch.

After a few minutes I heard talking coming from my room so I slowly snuck up to eavesdrop, honestly I just wanted to know what was going on and what he's hiding, I didnt really hear much except him saying "I just dont wanna do this anymore"..."I cant keep lying and hding stuff"..."Well I dont wanna put them in danger"..."Fine I'm on my way" he said before I could move my head from the door he opened it and saw me "Lauren?" he said unusually calm "yeah?" I said looking up at him "What are you doing?" he asked "Needed the bathroom" I said "Theres one downstairs" he said "I like this one" I said suddenly he forcefully pushed me against the wall and pinned my hands above my head, his chest pushed against mine.

"Get off me" I demanded I could feel his hot breath scrape across the flesh of my earlobe as he leant down. "Get off me" I said my voice weaker than last time "What were you doing?" he asked again but this time I didnt reply. His eyes dead on mine, full of anger. “You heard me! Answer the question!" he spat. I had to admit, he was so hot when he was mad. His grip got tighter which started to hurt. “Zayn.. Y-” I tried to say his grip was hurting me. “No, I don’t care.” 

He said shoving his lips onto mine forcefully.He bit my bottom lip really hard and I whimpered slightly opening my mouth and he took the advantage to push his tongue in. I slowly pushed him off me "Zayn please dont" I said and he just moved half a step back letting go of my hands and giving us both space to breath. "You were eavesdropping werent you?" he asked "Maybe" I said.

I didnt even know what to say or do at this time. Zayn took a step towards me again, his eyes dark as fuck but he didnt touch me.  "Why?" he asked "You dont get to ask the questions here I do" I said my voice louder than I expected it to be, I slowly brought my hands up to his chest to push him backwards but he grabbed both my shoulders and pushed me against the wall.

"Answer my fucking question!" his voice broke through the silence in the whole house, my eyes squeezed shut as a voilent crack pierced next to my head, I winced and fell to the ground as his tight grip disappeared. I stand up slowly and realise that my whole body is shaking from shock. I looked over at Zayn and he was clutching his hand and breathing heavily.

"What the fuck Zayn you were just about to fucking hit me" I yelled at him, now he was the one leaning against the wall. he just stood there like I wasnt even there "Ughhh dont you have somewhere to be?" I asked angrily, he raised an eyesbrow at me "So you were eavesdropping?" He asked "Ughh" I said and went to the kitchen, I got ice from the freezer and as soon as I turned around I found Zayn standing right behind me, I moved backwards in shock "Jesus Zayn dont do that" I said "Dont do what?" he asked, his eyes were dark, I slowly took his hand and put the ice on it ignoring his question, I looked into his eyes and his eyes started to soften.

"You shouldnt know whats going on" he said softly "But why?" I asked "Because you're already in danger and I dont wanna make it worse" he said "I want you to be safe, you and Mike and both our families so please let it go" he said calmy and I just nodded "Who are you going to meet though?" I asked carefully "Louis" he said "Promise to stay safe?" I said "Sure" he said with a weak smile."Whats wrong?" I looked at him scanning him with my eyes "Nothing babe" he said squeezing my hand softly.

"Im sorry" he whispered loud enough for me to hear "For?" I asked "Almost punching you in the face" he whispered a liittle louder this time, I just sqeezed his hand softly "Do we have food?" he asked after a moment of silence "Yeah I guess" I said "Can I just invite Louis instead of going to him?" he asked "Um.." was all I managed to say "Please I really dont wanna leave and plus he's a really nie guy once you get to know him" he said "Eh.. if you say so" I said "You both can be bestfriends" he said "Yeah sure" I said sarcastically "Can he?" he said with his puppy dog face "You know I cant say no to that face" I said kissing his nose making him smile "I love you" I said "I love you" he said "But Im going to sleep because yeah I dont like him" I said "Fine.. Ill just make him sleepover so you both meet" he said smiling "Fine Ill see him in the morning, Im tired" I said sticking my tongue out making him chuckle a bit.

I kissed his cheek and made my way to my room and just layed there till I heard the door bell ring 'there we go' I thought to myself. "Dude where is everyone?" I heard Louis ask "Sleeping" Zayn replied "Ahhh..well are you ready for tonight or nah?" Louis asked "Yeah I guess" Zayn answered "Let me just get my jacket"  he continued then I heard the door slam shut.....

Wonder what theyre up to.....


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