Chapter 1

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Chapter One

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I felt a nervous feeling settle around me as I took a seat next to my mother. I gave her a light smile and asked, "did I do something wrong?"

I had been munching on a bowl of salted pretzels, and was in the midst of completing my history essay until my mother wanted to 'talk' to me. No, it wasn't the fact that she wanted to talk to me that made me nervous; my mother and I were close-we talked a lot. Though, the worried smile playing on my mother's lips when she called me made me feel edgy.

"No, darling, you haven't done anything wrong," my mother, Victoria, laughed.

"Mom! What is it, then? You're scaring me," I said.

"See," she paused, "you've been such a wonderful daughter to your father and I. You've just...always followed the rules, been an attentive child at school and college, respected us, and constantly made us proud. It hurts your father and me to not be able to provide you with everything you need."

I frowned. Where was this going?

"I know you're nineteen. You've still got one more year of college to go-but we just..." her voice cracked, "w-we can't afford your college anymore, Adette. We want to provide you with the best, but we just can't afford it!" my mother croaked, tears brimming from the corners of her eyes.

My eyes widened as I gulped. Were we really suffering from such a bad financial crisis? How did I not realize? But watching my mother cry broke my heart into pieces.

I gave my mother a light hug, and smiled, "mother, you've always given me your love, and so has father. I-I am definitely a little bit shocked that we can't afford another year of college, but I understand," I managed to say, as I tried to believe my own words.

I currently lived and went to college in New York City. The college which I went to wasn't the greatest, but it was definitely a college where many of my schoolmates tried getting into as a second option. The fee was relatively less, but it was a college which had been standing since years. It had definitely made its name- The Lawrence Academy of Arts. College, for me, was all about studying and staying focused. I wasn't part of a clique and I definitely wasn't popular. I did have a group of three girls who I tagged along while walking to classes and ate lunch with. Though, my actual and cherished two friends didn't study at The Lawrence Academy of Arts.

After a long session of hugging, weeping, and listening to apologies from my mother, she told me that she wants me to apply for a job. Considering the state of our financial condition, according to what my mother told me, for me to get a job would do our family good. We were never a deprived family, but we were never relaxed about the money we had. There was always a worry of something going wrong and for us to be left with depending on mortgage values. But I guess it's been the love between the three of us which has been keeping our uncertainties away.

I had no issue with working. Isn't that what I'd be doing in a year's time, anyway? Though, the matter nagging me was that-how in the world was I, Adette Campbell-a nineteen year old inexperienced girl-going to get a job?


I picked my outdated Nokia up, and rang up my best friend-Vivian. I hummed along to her caller tune, 'I've got one less problem without you, I've got one less one less problem.'

I flinched as Vivian's chirpy 'hi' made its way to my ears.

"Oh god, you scared me!" I laughed.

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