Calm The Fire: 128

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Even from the pathway Thorin could easily see Náriel and Dis trying to clear the doorway. Though Dwalin seemed to be doing most of the shifting. Both females found they weren't too good at moving large pieces of rock and stone. Though even Dwalin had help from Glóin. These two had opted to stay here and help the females while everyone else returned to the camp to get what they needed to move back into the Mountain.

"How'd it go?" Náriel asked while readjusting her rolled up sleeves.

"You didn't start any arguments did you?" Dis asked worriedly.

Thorin looked from one to the other and lowered the sacking he was carrying. "It went well. And no, Dis, I didn't."

"I had faith you wouldn't." She beamed and took to trying to order Dwalin around. When he looked at her bluntly she just laughed and rocked on her heels.

"I've been thinking." Náriel said while clapping her hands together. Dust flew off of her palms.

Thorin looked hesitant. "Oh...should I be concerned?"


"Then I like the sound of your thoughts already." He laughed and moved past her.

Náriel smiled at Balin as she quickly ran past him to catch up with Thorin. "Banquet." He looked at her as she spoke the simple word. "A celebration. A welcome home. A..." Náriel trailed off when Thorin stopped walking and turned to look at her.

"Banquet?" Bombur suddenly popped up. "That's a brilliant idea!"

"Someone mention a banquet?" Someone else piped up, it soon appeared to be Bofur as he rounded a corner.

"Banquet, when and where?" Óin looked about confused.

Thorin looked to her, she smiled. "Sorry." She apologised when she realized there was no way he could decline now considering everyone had picked up on it and seemed more than excited about the prospect of a proper meal, let alone a banquet.

So the company spent most of the day cleaning Erebor. Or at least the rooms which would be used. There was no great hurry to clean rooms like the library or the guard rooms. Though Thorin did instruct some of the Dwarves which had come from Dale to help to be warned.

He hadn't ventured into the Western Guard Room. Not since the face off with Smaug. Dis being her typical curious self had asked where and why all these Dwarves were going to the same place.

Thorin had kept her away explaining that there was a massive build up of debris. Which was true. But she didn't need to know about all their kin lying in that room. It was hard enough for him to see let alone his little sister. He didn't wish to inflict that on her. So he sent her away to go find Náriel. If there was one person who was good at keep Dis's attention it was her. And sure enough their laughter could soon be heard.

Putting his trust in Dain he moved off and stopped suddenly at a doorway. The room beyond was lit with few torches which were on the walls. But even still the orange flames illuminated the room.

Hearing a quiet cough he looked over his shoulder. "Have you sat on your throne yet, sire?" Náriel joked yet her tone held some seriousness within it.

"No," Thorin answered while looking away and then to the throne. "Wait, where's Dis?" He asked suddenly worried. If left alone she would go and see what Dain and the other Dwarves were up to. She just never listened. Always did the exact opposite. That was his sister all right.

Náriel smiled and put a hand on his arm gently. "Would you believe with her sons?" Thorin blinked and nodded slowly. "She's fussing over them. It's quite sweet really. I never imagined her to be so motherly." Pausing she gave a shrug. "But then I did only know her as a little girl."

"Are you perhaps reminiscing here?" Thorin smirked and cast a look at the throne before turning away.

Náriel sighed. "Sit." She said firmly while crossing her arms. Thorin turned and looked at her. "Don't look at me like that. This is your birthright remember? You were bound to sit on this throne eventually. Just, you've had a little trouble before doing so."

Thorin moved slowly into the room, he looked to the stark stone chair in front of him. Doing a full circuit of the throne he looked back at her. "I often thought what it'd be like, you know?"

"You never cheekily sat in it without your grandfather knowing?" Náriel smiled as she walked into the room and stood at the base of it.

"Did you ever sit on your uncle's throne without him knowing?" He asked curiously and quietly while looking down at her.

"Perhaps, when I was young." Náriel whispered.

Thorin raised an eyebrow. "No, admittedly. Dis was forever climbing about on it much to our grandfather's amusement. Frerin would tell her to get down and she'd just childishly argue with him."

"All the while you'd just stand by and watch."

"You know me too well."

"I'd like to think so." Náriel crossed her arms and gave a nod.

Giving a sigh Thorin moved up the stairs that led to the seat. Turning and looking down at her Thorin slowly sat down.


"It's not particularly comfortable."

Náriel laughed and pushed her hair over her shoulder. "Come on, sire, we do have a hall to prepare." She said while half turning and nodding towards the door.

Leaning back Thorin looked to the ceiling and sighed quietly. It was a strange perspective sitting here. He had stood many a time by his grandfather's side. But that differed from actually being in the seat.

Náriel stood and watched him, "Do you want a few minutes?" She asked when a deep concentrated expression flitted onto his face.

Shaking his head slowly he drummed his fingers on the stone arms and pushed himself up. "No, it's fine. Come on, you said something about preparations?" Holding out a hand he entwined his fingers with hers when she placed her hand in his.

"I've just had a thought."

"Yet again should I be concerned?"

"Well it's just, there's three armies, or what remains of them, people from Lake Town and then us."


"That's a lot of people."

"Getting subconscious around the thought of so many people?" He laughed and suffered a playful shove. Though this caused him to suddenly wince in pain. Through it all he was still healing. Though not in as much pain as he once was, he still had times where pain niggled at him.

"Sorry! I am sorry...I didn't think..." Náriel said while jumping to walk in front of him, only moving backwards.

"I'm fine." Thorin smiled and put his hands on her shoulders and turned her around and nudged her back into the hall where everyone was milling about getting everything prepared. "So what's bothering you about all these people attending?"

"I don't think we'll have enough of everything." Náriel said while looking over her shoulder. By everything she literally meant everything. Food, drink, seats, tables, lights, everything. Thorin seemed to suddenly understand. He let out a thoughtful noise and looked around.

"We'll manage." He said surely, Náriel raised an eyebrow at him yet smiled slowly and gave a nod. She could accept that, so she chose not to answer or contradict his words.

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