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"For the youth of Wiston Hills, discrimination is a sign of pure discomfort. To prevent such bigotry each household is to be given a different supernatural member. Amongst the five, of a new born family, a prediction is to be made. All will be tested, one will fail. The test will provide each characteristic of every individual. Once the test has been completed the results are in the counsels hands, all hope lies within."

The outdated, 1971 Ford Pinto let out the voice of Dr. Jents, who appeared to be in worse shape then the car itself. While Brighton Young, a retired female baseball fan refused to tolerate the sudden counsels want for "healthier lives", which all appeared to be a bit hazy. Vironica Jents, wife of the head counsel men, having a very keen eye for control. Planned on using the test not to see how critical supernatural can be, but to see the amount of power they hold. Choosing one of every 5th family member, she would drain their supernatural ability and prepare a spell that would release her son jeramiah from the time capsule. The time capsule which is stored in another place. This place still on Earth, but unseen to humans. The supernatural are aware of their surroundings as they can clearly see the mutants that are trapped from ever entering their visibility again, until the spell is cracked.

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