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"krinngg kringg kringg"  I groaned as I heard my alarm clock making a noise.

"honey get up its your first day of school you might be late!" I heard my mom said..

my mom is teaching in grade school and my dad is somewhere I do not know.. mom said that my dad left us when he found out that mom got pregnant! and that bothered me the most. am I not likable?! damn I hate when I talked about my dad..

"okkkk! I'm coming!" I shouted back..

so I got up and went to the bathroom to take a bath, brush my teeth,blow dried my hair and put some lip balm and press powder on my face..

"mom where are you?" I yelled.. but she didn't respond.

"mom!!!" I screamed.. and thank goodness she replied..

"I'm here in that kitchen you don't need to shout.. "she said

I didn't talk back instead I went to my sit and ate all everything I can have and I heard her saying..

"Jerah cathlea Hilton" in short for Jecca that's my name.. "you don't need to eat like a pig.. or else no one will like you!" she scolded

"mom if someone will love me he'll accept who I am" I said as I continue eating..

"jecca baby you need to get going its already 7 in the morning and your classes starts at 7:30" she said.

"fuck I almost forgot thanks mom!" I said..

" you don't need to curse" she replied

"oopps sorry, I'll go ahead see you later! love yah.."

"love you too hon" she said

so I hurriedly went to my car took the keys out of my pocket and started driving.. its 7.05 in my watch and I have 25 minutes more to get to school so I drive as fast as I can but of course I had to be careful if I wanna live more..


"jecca!" said jharia who was my playmate/best friend since we were 5.." Jha is 5'5 in height and she has a tan skin with a beautiful long chestnut brown hair and sexy body who loves to play volleyball and shes good in academics too.. a guy would always wished for.."

"hey good to see you jha" I said smiling..

"why didn't you call me?" she asked pouting her lips..

"ooppss sorry that I forgot because I was in a hurry.. and I'm really sorry bout that jha" I said while hugging her.. then she hugged me back..

so after our girly talked we heard the bell rang. so we decided to go to our classroom.

after school my best friend  immediately asked me if we could hang out before going home and I  said its fine..


"hey jecca wanna grab some coffee first before heading home?" I asked.

"of course that would be great" she said

so we went to the nearest cafe w/c is in front our school our favorite place Starbucks!

"2 cappuccino please" jecca ordered..

"you really know what's my favorite" I said

"of course, what friends are for!" she replied winking at me..

as we get our order we sat outside where in we can feel the cool breeze..


"so what's new? " I asked jharia

"uhmm nothing aside from getting bored in school i met someone!" she said giggling while drinking her coffee..

"whose this lucky guy?"I asked

"well he is a trans ferry from other school and he's smoking hot!!" she said

"whoaaaa stop right there I thought were not getting boyfriends right after college!??" I asked

Jharia didn't answer instead she finishes her coffee and asked if we could go home already. I know my best friend is not telling me something..

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