Chapter 4

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Jocie sat on the bus heading to her house with a million thoughts running through her mind. Anxiety mixed with excitement with a dash of concern. Jocie was anxious to hear from Mia. She didn't return to class after their meeting in the principal's office. I will call her as soon as I get home Jocie thought to herself. Jocie ran through how she was going to approach her parents about the events that took place today. Jocie was very close to her mother. They have been through a lot. Jocie often recollected back to when she was about two or three years old. People always told her she was making these stories up. No kid can remember anything when they were three years old they would all say. Well I do remember. I remember even before three years of age. I know they are not dreams. Jocie thought. Jocie thought of the times when it was just her and mom home alone. She always wondered where her dad was at. He would be gone months at a time and only return for a couple days then he would be gone again. Alex would always tell Jocie that her dad was off to work again. After her oldest brother was born father never left again. Jocie never questioned her father about her childhood. He is a great father and I know he was doing what was best for our family. The bus stop was about two blocks from Jocie's home. Jocie jumped off the bus and sprinted to her house. Jocie was a track star in middle school and she missed the feeling of running full speed to a finish line. The wind resistance against her cheecks. In one motion she straddled the first two steps leading to the front porch and removing her back pack sending it flying into piece of outdoor furniture. When Jocie flew through the door she came to an abrupt stop at the entrance. Hi mom Jocie said catching her breathe. Hi Ms. Garcia.

to be continued

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