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Sophie's Pov

Me and Jordi were just coming up to the house I stopped and turned to Jordi with the biggest smile on my face took his both hands and said

"Thank you Jordi"

"What for"he asked

"Everything just being here for me and for being you"

His face was bright red but I told him what was really wrong with me about all my insecurities and stuff but the good thing was he understood it all.I went to kiss him on the cheek to say thank you but he turned his head and kissed his lips.OMFG they were soo soft.I felt like the luckiest girl on the planet right now I was so happy.

"Wow"I said to Jordi

"Sorry I didn't mean that"

Jordi went all shy after that.

"No it's okay I kind of liked it" I replied hoping he did to

"Good cause so did I"

Me and Jordi opened the door and walked in but there wasn't anyone home I found a note on the coffee table that read,

Dear Sophie

We have gone out for a while to get some shopping and went out for lunch we decided you and Jordi can have the house to yourself for a while but no misbehaving ok.

Love you lots

Dad x

Jordis Pov

It was half an hour later after the kiss me and Sophie had outside I can't believe I have actually kissed her, I don't know what I was actually thinking when it happened all I know is that her lips were so soft and that I was just happy to be kissing her. Sophie came through and said

"Jordi we have the house to ourselfs so do you want to watch a movie and I will make popcorn?"

"Yeah that sounds like great fun"

I went to go change into my white sweats and my white long sleeve top and brought through a hoodie and a blanket so me and Sophie could sit together I was hoping.

Sophie's Pov

Me and Jordi have decided to watch a movie I want it to be a scary one so I can cuddle up with him. First I need to change so I put on my red Hollister top and my white crop top took off all my make up,took my hair out the bun so it was all wavy and messy and put on my geek glasses.I walked through to the living room to see that Jordi had a blanket does this mean he wants me to sit with him? Also Netflix was on the TV down at the scary movies part.He must of been thinking what I was thinking or maybe not.

"Soph come sit next to me and we can was Insidious 2"

"Okay" I replied without hesitating

Half way through the movie...

Sophie's Pov

Me and Jordi were half way through the movie and he saw that I was getting scared so he cuddled me.His cuddles are the best.I started just going into a dream about him looking at his beautiful face.

Jordi's Pov

Me and Sophie are watching insidious so it gives me an excuse to cuddle her if she gets scared which did work.While I'm watching the movie I can see her at the corner of my eye looking at me it was kind of cute to be honest so I turned round and have her a kiss which she wasn't expecting.

"Lets watch of the rest of the movie now" she said to me after I kissed her. She was red it was cute through

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