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Calm The Fire: 127

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Standing and looking up at the dark doorway in front of his home, Thorin frowned lightly. Looking behind him he looked to his friends and family.

Today was the day that they were returning to the Mountain. As such everyone had agreed to let them be for this. Though both Bard and Thranduil said they'd come up later. Even Gandalf and Radagast were contemplating coming up for a visit.

Standing by his side Dis looked uncertainly from the door to her brother and then back again.

"I didn't think it'd look so....ruined." She said quietly. The barricade had been shattered. The doorway was well and truly smashed to pieces from Smaug. The pathway was ground by many feet. Though the fallen had been removed from the surroundings.

It was completely different to how Dis remembered it. Yet she looked up when Thorin put a hand on her shoulder and gave her a smile. "Let's go home, Dis."

"After you by all means then." Dis said while gesturing a hand to the pathway.

With heavy steps Thorin made his way forward. The last time he'd been here there had been a battle raging outside. Walking through the door he looked up at the cavernous ceiling and the dark stretching corridors to either side of him. Turning in the foyer he looked back. Allowing him to have his moment the rest of them followed suit and stood in silence in the dark space.

"What do we do first?" Dis asked while looking around. She wrapped her arms around herself. It was so cold in here. She always remembered her home being warm and so full of light. This was so vastly different to her memory. She just hoped that they could make it like it once was.

Thorin sighed and limped forwards. He was heading towards the hall. "We share what we have." He looked over his shoulder. "Keep what is yours. Or what you have declared yours. That which is left over shall be given to those who need it." Thorin said while his voice drew further away and echoed off of the stone walls. Looking at each other they all walked forwards and followed after him. Walking down the steps their boots crunched against whatever left over treasure that hadn't been piled up.

Turning and looking over everything Thorin nodded slowly. They had a lot to sort out. Feeling a hand on his arm he looked down. Náriel smiled slowly. "Doing the right thing." She whispered and watched as Glóin and Bifur shuffled past pulling cloth sacks from over their shoulders. They didn't seem wholly pleased or wanting to do this task. But they couldn't contradict.

"They need this...more than we do." Thorin said awkwardly. A part of him was finding parting with the hoard still hard.

"We're going to go and check the workshops out." Dwalin said while appearing in front of them with his arms crossed. Beside him Bofur nodded slowly and stuffed his hands in his pockets.

"All right," Thorin said awkwardly while eyeing his friend up.

With a sigh Dwalin rolled his eyes. "There might be useful tools down there." He said at length while Thorin and Náriel exchanged a look and then looked to him. They didn't comment they just watched as they walked away.

"Master Baggins," Thorin called out. Bilbo was just wondering around looking about himself. Without a dragon here, or mounds of wealth - most of it had been piled up elsewhere - or even an impending conquest, the atmosphere was vastly different. Bilbo found himself enjoying the peace which came from being here.

"Yes?" Bilbo turned and walked quickly over.

"I must ask you to do one last task, if you wouldn't mind? You may decline if you wish, I'd understand." Thorin said while looking to Bilbo who just blinked and nodded slowly. He looked to Náriel for some sort of hint but even she looked lost over Thorin's words.

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