Cameron's POV:
So the plane landed and I saw sheila was still sleeping and Matt tried to wake her up "hey bro I got it" I said he nodded and I picked up sheila bridal style and she woke up all scared and then she relaxed "hey did you sleep well?" I asked "yes and can you put me down" and I nodded and put her down and she gasped and started freaking out "WHERES MY SKETCH PAD?!?! CAMERON WHERE IS IT!!" She said and was pacing back and forth "hey sheila relax I have it you where sleeping and it's right here calm down" he said and handed it to her and she hugged him "thank you oh my god if I lost it I would be crushed" she said "why? It's a sketch pad?" Shawn said oh no he did not ask her that she lets no one near her sketch pad unless she shows you something it "it's not just a sketch pad it's like my child I draw stuff in here and class stuff in here and when I'm bored i draw stuff so like I basically draw in it everyday cause I'm bored everyday I drew the golden bridge from San Diego and I drew the Statue of Liberty and I drew that statue of god from rio" she said and everyone looked confused "she's basically saying if she lost it she would cry" I said and they all nodded I swear she's obsessed with that sketch pad I mean she is kind of an artist so 😁
Matts POV:
So I shared a room with sheila,YESS!! And Cameron and Nash shared one , jack and jack ,Aaron and shawn, Taylor and carter, and Hayes and Sammy and then Jacob and mahogany shared one "hey don't be anywhere near sheila or I will hurt you got it?" Cameron said and I nodded and me and sheila went to our room "so you excited?" I asked as I plopped on my bed "yes cause of kian,jc,and Sam" she sighed and sat next to me "cool their actually cool guys" I said and she nodded "so what's you ship name with all of the o2l guys?" I asked " so me and kian is shian which sounds weird" she said laughing and I nodded "jc is uhh I don't know it's kinda hard" she explained "me and Sam is sham, me and Connor shonner, me and Ricky, shicky" she said "and if you remove the s it's hickey" I laughed and she slapped my arm "and me and Trevor is shevor" she said and I nodded "nice,but weird" I said and she giggled "so what would our ship name ever be?" I asked "uhhh shatt?" She said "SHATT IT IS!" I said and she giggled "nice giggle" I said "well thank you" she said
Sheila's POV:
"Well thank you" I said and he chuckled "wanna go out for a walk?" Matt asked "do you know where to walk I mean we haven't been to Texas" I asked "yea we've been her before it's like our 2nd time here at the same place, same hotel" he said "okay I'll just text Cameron that me and you are gonna go walk" I said and he nodded and I texted Cameron and shut off my phone "let's go" I said and he nodded and we left and he put his arm around my shoulder and we went in the elevator and we got out and I saw OMG! I SAW KIAN LAWLEY, JC CAYLEN, AND SAM POTTORFF!!! "oh my god" I said and Matt noticed "relax sheila, be calm" he chuckled and I nodded and they saw Matt "Hey Matt!" Jc said and Matt waved and we walked towards them and I started freaking out in the inside "hey jc, hi kian, hi sam" Matt said and they waved and saw me "hello what's your name" kian said and I just wanted to jump on him and kiss his cheek SO BAD! "Hi I'm sheila I watch your guys videos like mostly everyday but don't worry I'm not like those kind of fans" I said OMG I CANT BELIEVE IM TALKING TO THEM!!!! AHHH!!! "Oh thanks hey sheila, you look familiar" kian said "oh yea I'm Cameron's little sister so if I look like him that's why" I said and he nodded "so where are you love birds heading?" Jc said "oh no, we aren't dating" Matt said and sam came next to me "so your single huh?" Sam said and I blushed and Matt butted in "um me and sheila are gonna go walk so we'll see you later okay?" He said kinda mad "bye guys" I said and waved to them and we walked and I looked back and saw sam winking at me "are you mad?" I asked "n-no" "your lying" I said "okay yes I'm mad"he said "why can't you just be mine already?" He said and walked infront of me and stopped and turned to me "you already know I've said it like 7x Matt" I said "but can I still do this?" Matt asked and pecked my lips softly and kissed my cheek "OH MY GOD IS MATT DATING HER?!?!" A girl said and other girls spotted us and they ran towards us "get on my back now!" Matt said and I just got on his back and he ran and ran until we entered a mall and more people saw us and they joined the mob of girls who were already chasing us and security finally came and surrounded me and Matt and we entered a store and security stand at the door not letting anyone in tell we left and one security led us to the back of the store and told us to leave through the emergency exit "thanks" Matt said to the security lady and she nodded and we left "damn you can run fast" I said ''well uh" Matt bragged and I rolled my eyes and I grabbed his hand and he smiled "maybe we could idk try to date in secret" I said and he stopped and went infront of me "yes, I would love to do that" he said "I just cant fight these feelings I have for you" I said "me neither sheila, I love you so much" "I love you too Matt" "impossible you can't love me as much as I love you" he said and I blushed and i pecked his lips and pulled away "i wasn't done" Matt said and he cupped my cheeks and kissed me and I kissed back and we had a 1 minute make out session and we pulled away to breathe "shall we go?" Matt asked "we should" I said and I grabbed his hand and we walked to an ice cream shop and ate some ice cream "so I guess shatt is real now huh?"Matt asked "I guess so" I said and smiled "hey atleast we got a room to our selves" Matt said "not if Cameron comes and checks on me every hour" I said "nah he wouldn't do that he'd do it every 30 minutes" Matt said and I giggled "so when's magcon?" "In an hour so we should head back" Matt said and I nodded and we left to the hotel and went in our room and got ready I picked out my outfit:
A white crop top
A black skirt that had like suspenders on it
A black beanie
White and black converse
"Well you look pretty" Matt said "thank you and you look handsome" I said "when do I not look handsome?"Matt said and came towards me and planted a kiss on my lips and then there was a knock "who is it?" I asked "Cameron and Nash" "coming!" I said and kissed matts cheek and opened the door "yes??" I said "ready?" "Yea you ready Matt?" I said "uhh yea ima put a beanie on too hold up" he said "don't copy me" I said and he laughed and he came behind me "let's go" he said and we left and we got to the limo "wow sheila your wearing something uh.. Different" Hayes said "how's it different?" "Oh cause you mostly where jeans then uh skirts and you mostly where sweatshirts or long sleeves then crop tops" Hayes said "idk I just felt like I wanted to where something different" I said and he nodded and more people entered "oh sheila, that's Sammy,Jacob and mahogany, guys this is my sister sheila" "so your the famous sheila, Cameron has been talking about whenever we went on tour" mahogany said "yes I am her and Cameron told me about you too your prettier in person I've seen your vines" I said and she smiled "aww thanks wanna stay with me at my dj booth at the event and btw it's on the stage where the boys perform" she said and I nodded
*at the event*
"2 minutes till show time!" A guy with black hair said and I'm guessing he's Bart "come on, sheila let's go to my dj booth" mahogany said and I nodded and we went on stage and walked over to the dj booth and I saw how many people came damn it was a lot "damn there's a lot of
People here" I said "yea they love your brothers and his friends" she said and I nodded and she started playing songs "so how's everyone doing tonight?" Mahogany said into the microphone and everyone screamed "alright so ima introduce the guys so I want you to scream as loud as you can for them alright?" She said and they screamed even louder "first up is, CAMERON DALLAS!!!" She said and girls started screaming and crying I thought it was cute "next we have NASH AND HAYES GRIER!!" And they both came out"and here comes MATTHEW ESPINOSA, TAYLOR CANIFF, AND DILLION RUPP!!" "and here comes SHAWN MENDES,CARTER REYNOLDS,AARON CARPENTER, THE JACKS AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST SAMMY WINKILSON!!!!" And everyone cheered "now there are special guest joining us tonight from the world of youtube" she said "now I want your guys to cheer for my friends.. KIAN LAWLEY,JC CAYLEN, AND SAM POTTORFF!!" She said and they came out and people started cheering louder "okay so you see this girl standing next to me right here?" Mahogany said pointing to me "she is THE little sister of Cameron Dallas so everyone give it up for SHEILA DALLAS!!!" mahogany said and everyone cheered and I smiled and waved then it was time to answer questions "yes you in the pink" Matt said "who was that girl that was on your back at the mall?" She asked "oh she was sheila, camerons little sister, we went for a walk and you guys spotted me and ran towards me and I told her to hop on my back and we- well I ran" he said and Cameron picked on a chick "Cameron did you know that we saw Matt kiss your sister?" She said oh lord and all eyes turned on me "uh hehe hi" I said nervously "no I did not know that, sheila?" Cameron said and turned towards me and I ran to him and whispered "I'll tell you later" and he nodded and I grabbed his mic "yes! Me and Matt kissed and so? What you guys have a problem? If you do I'm sorry okay? Matt can kiss or date whoever he wants, he controls his life , you guys don't okay?" I said and I turned towards Cameron "and I don't need my big brother controlling my life either" I said and I gave the microphone to Cameron and people stared cheering and some just looked at me and I headed back to where mahogany was "nice job kid" she said and high fived me and then more questions and yada yada yada and then the meet and greet and Cameron told me to stay with him and Nash and Matt looked at me and I waved and he mouthed "I'm sorry" and I nodded telling him it was okay and then the meet and greet was over and we headed back to the hotel but me and Cameron went to go take a walk and talk about everything but when we were walking it was all quiet " so you and Matt huh?" He said looking at me "I'm sorry Cameron he likes me and i like him why can you just face the fact that I'm not a little kid anymore and if I wanna date him I should be allowed to" I said "I'm not gonna stop you" he said "what?" I said "I'm not gonna stop you, he's a good kid and your right you are growing up I just want you to be safe and I don't want to see you hurt cause your my little sister" he said and I hugged him and he hugged me back "I love you you know that right" I said "yes and I love you to kiddo" he said and kissed my head "why does everybody call me kiddo?" I said annoyed "well your still legally a kid until your 18" he said "ugh what ever" I said and he laughed "wanna go get some McDonald's?" Cameron asked and I nodded and we spotted a McDonald and we ate and headed back to the hotel

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