Prologue, 2056, classified location, 3.00pm

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"Enter" the commander said, so I do. I nervously tap my fingers against my thigh "Sir" I manage, he laughs "you really think I'm scary?" All I can say is "meep". A deep throaty chuckle comes from him as he exits the shadows, he wears an old army jacket and weathered jeans, something that strikes me as an old fashion choice from 2016 or thereabouts, he has greyed hair with a full beard, not much longer than a centimeter, his eyes are a deep blue, his face covered in wrinkles, a lot appear to be from smiling, I guess his age to be about 60, born about mid 1996. "Not what you expected, eh?" He smiles " I guess" I reply. Suddenly he goes solemn "he is too powerful, none of us can kill him" I nod, knowing the person he was referring to. "Why am I here?" I ask although I was pretty sure why "I believe you know" I nod, and he beckons me to leave, just before I do though, I ask "when?"

"'09" he replies as I exit the room

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