Sirius's Secret

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Remus Pov

I walked out of the hall tears streaming down my face. I had loved Sirius since 5th year and now he was going to take some bimbo to this ball and I was going to sit staring at him for the whole evening. This year was my last chance to tell him but he was going to spend it goggling at some girl.

I ran into someone and all my books fell onto the floor, I sighed and ran a hand through my mop of blond hair. I knelt and the person knelt with me, I looked up, it was Sirius, great. My cheeks flushed and I quickly took my books from him. He took one look at me and ran off,
what was that about?

Sirius Pov

I ran, my feet pounding along the cold hard stone. I sank my back along the hidden corridor wall, and put my head between my knees. What was happening to me? Tears streamed down my face. He was so perfect that I couldn't even talk to him anymore. The way his hand ran through his hair, the way his cheeks go red when he makes a mistake, his loyalty, the way he thinks he's a monster, but he's the furthest from it.

I had to tell him but if I could even really look at him anymore then how? But I knew it had to be soon, And the Halloween ball seemed like the perfect time. I began to run again, all the way to McGonagoll's office.

"Professor!" I yelled after the disappearing bun that was McGonagall. "Professor McGonagall!"

"What Mister Black? You boys haven't pulled a prank already have you?"

"No Professor, I want to say, could I umm, could Isingattheball?"

"Yes Mister Black, we would like each participant to sing five songs. On the night of the ball come to my office with all the other performers."

"Thank you Professor."

I turned on my heel and ran off again, now I needed to talk to Lily.

Remus pov

I stood, still stunned as I looked after where Sirius had disappeared. I felt someone lightly touch my elbow,

"Remus are you alright?"

It was lily.

"Yeah I'm ok." I replied "just thinking, I bet James is badgering you to go to the ball with him already."

"Yes he is rather, he's asked me three times since breakfast already." Lily replied an exasperated look on her face.

Before I had the chance to reply, Sirius ran towards us.

"Hey moons."

"Hey Padfoot what's up?" I replied, avoiding eye contact.

"Not much, lily can I talk to you, it's really important."

"Yeah sure"

I watched as they walked away, After Sirius looked liked he was pleading with her, I felt jealously creep up all over my face as Lily's hands flew up to her face, and she nodded. I kicked the stone wall more tears coming.

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