Chapter 9

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"Hello and welcome to day 3 of the Grand Magic Games! Today's event is called 'Boxing Ring'! Contestants are to knock the other person out of the ring. Magic is allowed. Last one in the ring is rewarded 10 points. Contestants are Juvia Lockser form Fairy Tail team B, Semmes from Quatro Cerberus, Hibiki Lates from Blue Pegasus, Yuka Suzuki from Lamia Scale, Arania Web from Mermaid Heel, Kurohebi from Raven Tail, Lucy Heartfillia from Fairy Tail team A and Minerva from Sabertooth!" Mato announced."

"Go Lucy! Go Juvia!" Fairy Tail cheered.

"Good luck Juvia." Lucy said.

"Juvia wishes her love rival good luck as well." Juvia said.

"Are you ready to beat again?" Minerva sneered.

"Let's just see who'll be beating who." Lucy hissed.

"Ready, set, FIGHT!"

Lucy immediately ran up to Hibiki.

"Hello my princess." Hibiki said.

"Hello my ass. I want a hug." Lucy pouted.

"You're finally accepting my love?!" Hibiki laughed.

Lucy smiled and opened her arms to him. Hibiki rushed into Lucy's arms with no hesitation. Lucy smirked and grabbed one of his arms and threw him out the ring.

"No I'm not accepting your love." Lucy said sticking out her tongue. "Now, next target... Juvia!"

"Water Slicer."

Blades of water headed towards Lucy. She dodged it. And launched her own attack. Juvia dodged it.

"Juvia! Look! Gray is naked!" Lucy exclaimed pointing to Gray.

"Gray-sama is naked?! Where?!" Juvia said looking around.

"Lucy Kick!"

Lucy kicked Juvia out of the ring. Lucy turned around. There was no one in the ring anymore except for Minerva.

"Looks like it's just us again." Minerva said.

"Bring it on." Lucy said.

Minerva sent her attack to Lucy who countered it with her 'Celestial Sphere'. Minerva ran towards Lucy and kicked her. Lucy blocked it and punched Minerva. The two mages kept attacking and blocking. Minerva sent a magic sphere at Lucy. Lucy wasn't expecting it and got hit. It felt like lead. Minerva sent five more attacks at Lucy. Three of the five attacks hit.

"Fast!" Lucy said.

"I can go even faster." Minerva said kicking Lucy in the back.

Lucy whipped around only to be hit in the back again. Minerva continued her attacks until she was holding Lucy's neck. (like the navel battle) Something shiny caught Minerva's eye. She looked at it. It was Sting's earring. Her eyes widened in surprise.

"Where did you get that earring?" Minerva hissed.

Lucy spat in Minerva's face.

"I don't have to tell you." Lucy hissed.

Minerva punched Lucy in the stomach. Lucy was barely conscious.

My body feels heavy... It hurts... I want to stop fighting... Lucy thought. Stop fighting? I can't do that... I'll embarrass Fairy Tail again... I can't lose to Minerva again... I have to prove to Sting that I'm strong!

Lucy raised her hand shakily in front of Minerva's face.

"Arw you still attempting to fight?" she sneered. "You don't have any magic left."

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