SlamBook Ni Brown

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Name: Brown

Nickname: Pareng Yagit

Age: Are we talking about chronological or mental? 12 (-_-)y

Location: Sa isang Sulok Ng Kalawakan

Birthday: 29th of November, 1863

Wattpad Username: BrownRanger


Member Since: 10th of April, 2014


How did you discover Wattpad?

I discovered Wattpad through my extraterrestrially beautiful niece @hsuymeun. She told me to try it out since she knew I was writing and all. Since then I got hooked with Wattpad and, yeah, the rest was history so to speak.


When did you discover Wattpad?

If I remember it correctly, I believe it was March of 2014. I travelled to Planet KrungKrung, 1,129 light years away from where I was, to visit my niece. And when I got there, I caught her face-slumped on her Apple Gadget. Initially, I thought she was watching porn but I was wrong. She said she was just reading something on “Wattpad”.

So, yeah, she introduced me to Wattpad. And when I got back to where I was, I stopped watching Bananas In Pajamas and started Wattpading. *insert happy face*

When did you start Writing?

On Wattpad, I think I started writing 4 days after making an official account. Off Wattpad, I was writing on and off since I was in grade school.

What is the First Story you have written?

The very first story that I have ever written was entitled “Casa De Vampira” followed by “Ang Alamat Ng Papaya”. I wrote them when I was still in Third Grade.



Title of the Stories:

The following stories are arranged from the dates when they were published:


“Nahanap Na Ni Billy Ang Sarili Niya”


“Lomeng, Kumusta Crush Mo?”


“Tulad Ng Dati”


“His Name Was Envy Collins (Book 1)”


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