Eun Hye's POV.

What? What? What? WHAT?

This is insane! Tae Yang? Young Bae oppa?

"Ah, noona... That's your luggages. And this is your office. You will be sharing a recording room with Teddy-ssi. Since Kush-ssi and Choice37-ssi have been together since this building were built. I will tell Young Bae hyung as soon as possible. Have your time, noona."

"Ah, ne. Thank you so much."

Three big guys were standing infront of the door, "hello, dong saeng.."

"Ah, hello sunbae. I am so lucky to be included with oppa. Cool oppa(s). Please help me in the future.", trying to make them happy.

Teddy oppa said, "we gonna pass those sleepless nights, Eun Hye. And you are dealing with artists. We are not gonna handle Young Bae-ssi only, but as well as Tablo, Lee Hi, and etc. Let's work hard. I will teach you how to mix those voices and musics. We can't do this alone, we need to be together. As a musician. Most of us do rapp, you have to rapp as well sometimes. Hahaha..".

He comforted me with his welcoming speech. And four of us were having good time talking while waiting for Young Bae to come back from his CF shooting. All of us were exchanging experiences and showing off sometimes. LOLOLOL.

Ji Yong's POV.

I peeped from the outside of her studio. She laughed a lot. She shared good moments with her seniors. She shaked hand like a pro and I'm so proud of her. It has been few months since she has became of us - one of YG. Young Bae admitted that he's happy to be paired with her. And since YG has paid her to be with us, Eun Hye was no longer staying with us. She's staying alone in apartement nearby. But yet, I could find her staying overnight in the studio. Testing her own voice, editing her own voice, recording her own voice. I always push myself to get in and at least to say hello, but there's something stopped my feet before even touching her recording room. We both haven't talk face to face since we slept together. If we met outside, then we both would just bow to each other. Long talk? Never. 

Sometimes I could see her off to dinner with some dancers. Handsome dancers. No wonder, the only tanned skin girl in this YG building. She's Leo. She's hot. And it made my chest burning. Eun Hye and Young Bae laughed a lot while recording, but I captured to a satisfaction from Boss' face when he listened to Young Bae's new single - in which he made it with Teddy and Eun Hye. Sometimes TOP hyung are playing with Eun Gi's make up with Eun Hye in dressing room. Both of them laughed like mad and their faces were weird because of the make up. I just could smile a little, and the pain remained.

3 months to 6 months. I can no longer stand this status quo. 

Eun Hye, we need to talk.

That night, she's using her Varsity jacket and denim hotpants, walking through neighbourhood and get into her apartment. I chased and ran to her floor. Wanted to press the bell, but it's so damn hard for me. But I know I need to press it and talk about these things out. These things that made me crazy for half year. This love is deepening, and  I wanted her to feel the same. 

I pressed the bell.

She opened the door.

Our eyes met.

She's so beautiful with that tee and short cute boxer.

My heart beated abnormaly.

I wanted to hug her, but I needed to control myself.

"Oppa, you here?"

What? She's expecting for me?

"Y-Yes... May I come in?"

"Sure, it's a pleasure that G-Dragon gives  a visit though."

Is that a sarcastic sentence or ....

She let me sit, handed me a can of beer and palyed a song ; Ne Yo - So Sick. She sat infront of me and looked at her can. Both of us were enjoying the painful lyric of Ne Yo. Is this her way to let me know about her feeling? How should I start.. I'm G-Dragon, I'm a Leo, I'm a leader, but now I'm not more than a moron..

"Eun Hye, how's life?"

She raised her head and smiled, "everything is good. It's good to work with pros. How is oppa doing? Is oppa on diet now? You are getting skinnier.."

"Ah.. Hahahaha.. No, I'm not. The schedule has shapped my body like this. I tried to eat well but nearly got no time. So when's Young Bae's album gonna launch?"


"Ah... Kure...". 

What a short answer. I sighed deeply and walked around her apartment and she didn't even care. Her empty sight continuously drawn into the can. And the next song is Babyhouse - What If. A song with a painful story as well. An ex-boyfriend who couldn't even get through his days because of the thoughts of his ex-girlfriend always warmed his night. Eun Hye is trying to talk to me by songs. By those painful songs.

"Oppa, if you are just wanting to enjoy this city nightlife from this height, you won't be able to see clearly. You need to go to a higher place...", she walked to her room.

Eun Hye's POV.

He stopped his hand on my door when I wanna reach the knob. I can feel his heavy breath coming out from his lungs. He turned my face to face him he kissed me. I know he's in pain, and I let him to taste and stuck in that pain. Because I'm feeling the same. He opened the door with his left and his right was holding my back. I linked my hands on his neck. I wanted him so bad, I wanted to talk, I wanted to tell him that I'm suffering. But then ... Leo's prides are just too high.

His heavy breath.

He pushed me to the bed and our legs left on the floor. He stopped kissing and he looked at me. He hit the bed and I could feel his tears falling down. 

"Eun Hye, please stop this thing. Don't make me pass sleepless nights. I need you. Please forgive me. I cry like a kid everytime it comes to you. You are having lots of great men out there with you, but I'm just alone here. I fight my mind often, wanting you to be here - beside me - but still the only thing that I can do is peeping you from the outside. Seeing you holding hands with other man kills me perfectly, Eun Hye. I thought we're in love back then. I thought that you loved me back then. I don't want you have that thoughts that I was enjoying your body that night. I'm depressed. You've misunderstood about everything. I was lost. Lost without you. Please come back and forgive me, Eun Hye. I want us to be together. I was so stupid. God, what have I done?", he closed his face with his hands.

I slided down, pushed him and sat on him - so I could see his face clearly. Seemed like I love the woman-on-top position, but I just wanna talk eyes to eyes. I sat on his stomach and I stroked his face. His handsome face, his watery eyes, his stuffy nose, and he's biting his lower lip. 

He's holding my face , and I could see his tears cleary and .......

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