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"jaelyn!" someone called.

i turned around and immediately spotted sarah and her friends sitting at one of the many lunch tables. i smile and walk over to her.

"hey jae!" sarah smiled.

"that rhymed!" a new voice chimed in.

"shut up, ryan." sarah glared at a cute redhead. he just laughed and continued eating.

"well, come on over here, i'll introduce you to everyone." sarah said and pulled out a chair for me.

i mumbled a thanks and sat down while sarah started introducing everyone to me.

"jaelyn, this is ryan, belle, gia, and daniel. guys this is jaelyn and she is our new friend." sarah said proudly. probably because she remembered everyone's names.

i heard a chorus of greetings and someone even came up to me.

"hi! i'm belle!" the girl said enthusiastically.

"uh, hi belle. i'm jaelyn?" i said in more of a question than a statement.

"belle, get out of the girls' face for fuck sakes. you're gonna scare her away!" the other girl in the group said. i think her name was gina..?

"fuck off, gia." belle said to the girl. gia, her name is gia. not gina.

the two boys started laughing and gia flipped them off.

"i'm ryan," the redhead from earlier said. "and that's daniel. he's gay." he pointed at the brown-haired boy who was glaring at him.

"why must you tell everyone we meet that i'm gay?" daniel huffed, crossing his arms.

"cause it pisses you off, duh." ryan said with a mouth of food.

"say it don't spray it, please and thanks." gia said. very sassily, i may add. and i laughed.

"they aren't the best at first impressions.." belle whispered and giggled.

"yeah, i can see that." i chuckled.

the rest of lunch was mostly ryan and daniel blabbering about some party they went to last weekend and gia, sarah, and belle chiming in whenever they could. unfortunately, lunch was now over and everyone wad bidding their goodbyes to each other.

"hey jaelyn, what class are you going to?" daniel asked.

"uh, i think math.. let me check." i pulled out my phone and went to notes. i copied my schedule down on there so i didn't have to search through my bag for my actual schedule every 45 minutes.

"yep, math with mr. gordie. what about you?"

"me too! so does ryan."

"what does ryan have?" ryan asked walking back to the table from throwing his trash out.

"an std." gia said only glacing up at ryan to give him a smug smile. ryan's eyes went wide.

"what?! no i don't! i've never even had sex!" ryan exclaimed, causing the whole group and a few bystanders to look up at him.

the whole group started cracking up, even me. ryan crossed his arms and narrowed his eyes at gia.

"ha ha, very funny. now really, what does ryan have?"

"math for your next class, it turns out gia does as well." daniel said, finally calming down.

"oh, indeed i do."

"well then, we should all probably go to our next classes before we're late." belle said standing up, as did everyone else.

"good luck with those two jae, they can be a handful." sarah mumbled.

"we heard that!" ryan and daniel shouted at the same time.

"oops," sarah just shrugged and laughed. "i'll meet you at your locker before free period starts, what number is it?"


"alrighty, i'll see you later then. bye jae!" sarah waved and walked and walked away with gia and belle, who also waved.

"shall we go?" ryan asked.

"i guess we shall." i sighed. this should be interesting..


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