Boys will be Boys

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Once Alize and I get inside the lunch room we are getting yelled at to hurry our arses up. Me and Alize start to walk slower, which earns a groan from Bailee, Carsa and the boys. The next thing I know Dylan and Cole run up to me and Alize, pick us up bridal style and take off running to our table!!! I swear I want to kill them sometimes.

"So what took y'all so long!" Cole asked Alize and I.

"I'm sorry but Bailee and Carsa guess what!!!"

Alize and I asked at the same time. "What?" Bailee and Carsa said.

"We get to go to the ONE DIRECTION concert and we get BACK STAGE PASSES!!!"

We all screamed which made the boys cover there ears.

" Omg I can't wait to see Niall!"

"I want to see Zayn!"

"Harry's mine!" this was the girls responses.

"Morgan who do you like in 1d?"

Who do I like the most...."

I think Louis!"

" Yea he's super hot" Carsa said while fanning her self with her hand! I looked at the boys they all where laughing except Cole... hmmm I wonder why? "Cole are you ok?"
I questioned. He shook his head and smiled "

Yeah I'm okay."
"ok than.....? "

"Well y'all come on class is about to start!"

I got up and started walking to class then someone called my name

I turned around and saw Cole running up to me.

"Um I was wondering if if y-you would want to go on a date with me?"
I stood there shocked... I can't date him!

"Look Cole your like a brother to me and I just cant date you."
When I first said that his face flashed hurt but as soon as it appeared it disappeared. He sent me a small smile than said

" It's ok, it was a umm dare from um Walker, so I had to ask you hahaha!"
Ok now I'm just confused.

" Yea I know what you mean! So I'll talk to you later k?"

"Yea sure, bye Morgan"

"Bye Cole!" After that I just went to science class. I'll have to tell the girls later!

Yea so here's an update!!! Say hi Luke .

Ok um he's shy
Say bye at least?


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