Chapter one- begining

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I opened my eyes to see two faces staring at me. The brown faces nooded then parted. A girl with brown eyes and a checked shirt and denim shorts on. She smiled then went inside a big wooden box. I cocked my head at this mysterious box. The two brown faces belonged to my parents. They were grazing near by, quietly. I could see the girl watching through brown stained glass? I think that is what it is called.

I got up and ran to them. I felt scared of this new world. The girl smiled then busied herself doing something else. The square sun starting to go down, behind a mountain. My parents got very nervous and rounded me into a a circle. I watched as creatures, dangerous creatures, appeared out of thin air.

The girl came out with a rope and pulled my parents into a smaller box, I followed. The girl went outside and close the door. I couldn't go back outside. I watched as the creatures tried to get into the paddoc. "What are they?" I asked mum and dad. "They are nasty creatures who will try to kill us," mum replied. "So get away from the door," said dad before pushing me to the back. I lay down and slept.

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