nowhere and nothing

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"I am lost nowhere to go"tash shouted

no one heared here screaming shout nothing. For days she has been lost and no one knows


"what do I do I need help I want to get out" she shouted

" hows there" replied tyler

tash hide in the dark she didnt know who it was she didnt know what to do

"who are you" she asked

"my name is tyler what are uou dking in there" he said

"I have been lost in here I cant find a way out help me"

she sat and wondered is this it am I free

"were are you I cant see you it to dark" Tyler shouted

There was no reply for a while

Tash replys after a while "I am over here"

Tyler walks closer to her she looks right at him

"no closer please no closer" she yelled at him "stop no closer"

Tyler stop and looked around "where are you I still can't see you anymore"

"do you know a why out of here I want out"

" I do know away out of here "Tyler said

"help me out" Tash replied

"I want to see you first"

Tash slowly walk towards him at stop right behide him

"Turn around i am here right behide you "

Tyler turns around and there she is the most beautiful person he has ever seen

" Follow me I will help you out of here "

Tash follows Tyler out of the darkness

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