chapter 10

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        I woke up at about noon. Food didn't sound the best right now so I decided to skip both breakfast and lunch. I got ready for the day and noticed my calander on my bedroom floor. I picked it up and hung it up where it was. Then I noiced I was sopposed to start my period a few days ago. I was late. My period was never late. Was I can't be pregnant. 

        I rushed outside and fastly walked to the store. I bought three different pregnancy test, just to be sure. After checking out I went home as fast as i could and ran to the bathroom. After ten minutes i was looking over the sink at the three tests.They all had a little plus sign on them. I am pregnant.

        I cant breathe. I am seventeen years old- eighteen next month- I cant be a mother. Im not ready for this. How am i going to tell my mom? Is it Masons? Or is it Noahs? God I feel like a slut right now. I had to tell my mom. She had me when she was like..seventeen or eighteen so she cant be that mad right?

         I walked into my mothers room and found her looking in her closet , trying to find something to wear. She looked at me concerned. She can probably see the worry on my face.

        "Are you okay sweetie?"  She was looking at me with confusion. I didnt say a word. All i did was hand her the pregnancy tests. Her jaw dropped and she covered her mouth with her free hand. I could see her eyes getting teary. 

        "y-your...p-pregnant.." She could barely get the words out.

        "How long has it been since you..."

        "A week or two.." It was barely audible. 

        "well you have to talk  to the guy.." My mom insisted i tell the father of mt child. Little does she know..I cant. I also dont plan on telling her that. 

        "I will" 

        'Once you figure out whos it is' I thought to myslef

        I decided not to tell either of them yet. It would probably be better that way. I have no idea how i would tell them. 

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