i woke up with lou beside me. i saw he almost fell out of bed so i pushed him a little so he fell out of it.

"AGGHHH!!!!" he yelled when he fell.

i couldn't stop laughing.

" good morning baby. " i laughed.

"good morning." he said sad

he stood up amd put some clothes on and walked out of the room. i stood up and put some trousers on. im already wearing a shirt. i ran to lou and hugged him from behind. he pussed me of and got on the coutch.

"what's wrong? " i asked

"that wasn't funny. I'm going. bye." he said.

before i could answer he was already gone. i thought it was funny. why didn't he think that.  im so stupid. i dicided to call lou but he didn't pick up. i called harry and asked if he knew where lou is but he didn't know.

i called ari and told it. she tought it was redicules that he acted like that.  i called lou but he didnt pick up. ugh i hate him for doing that.  i called liam and told him everything he said it was funny to. 

i was on my way to Liam's when i saw lou walking. i stopped in front of him but he pussed me away.  i fell on the ground and yelled a bit cux of the pain. i cryed a bit. i saw him turning around and looking at me but he turned back and walked furder. i saw Niall's room was here so i tryed to reach the door to knok it.  niall opened the door.

"syd whats wrong,  who did this to you"  he said helping me up.

"lou-" he cut me of.

" im gonna kill him! he hurt you again!  im going to him right now. " he said angry.  he layed me on his bed and walked out before i could say anything.

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