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Pen Your Pride


I was going to the store cause the lads and I seriously needed some more milk and I needed more lotion.

I already got the lotion and was heading to get the milk.

We usually get Prarie Farms Milk so I went over to grab it but then I saw the most gorgeous girl i've ever layed eyes on.

She had Strawberry-Blond hair, cute freckles, and was a petite compared to me. She was struggling to get the milk down (being short and all), So i went to help.

"Hey, need some help?" I ask. "Yes please." She replies. She has this beautiful irish accent.

I get it down then hand it to her.

"Hi, I'm Harry." I say. "Hello, I'm Colleen." She replies glancing up but then quickly looks at her watch. "Oh sorry i gotta go." Then she leaves without another glance.


Walking to the Post Office i feel my stomach growl. You see the guys made me go get our fan-mail and bribed me into doing it with saying no Nandos for a month. So gullibly I agreed. I was almost there when i saw a guy bump into this girl without him stopping, what a gentleman (SARCASM). She looked okay then she answered her phone.

( S-Stranger (basically Jessica but Niall doesn't know that),P-Person (basically Mikaela Nicole, I'll change it to M when she says her name). )

S: Hey Mikaela

M- *muffled voice*

S- Oh check the London Eye, Piper says he's always over there.

M- *muffled voice*

S- Your welcome bye.

Then she hangs up. All i can think about is, 'I can't believe she has an Irish accent too.' I get pulled out of my thoughts when someone bumps into me. I look down to see its the same girl. She had strawberry-blond hair in a bob like Kelly Rippa's, Freckles and was petite.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry." She says crouching down to pick up the mail she dropped. Being the gentleman i am i help her. "No it was my fault, I wasn't watching where i was going." I reply. She glances up but then looks at her watch. "Omg I gotta go she says." She starts to jog away. "Wait," I say, "I'm Niall." "Jessica." She replies without a second glance as she runs back to wherever she came from.


I was going to The London Eye to visit my cousin James Tollfin (everyone says we look alike but i disagree). He founded a Orphanage a few miles down.

I was walking to the café that was our meeting place when i hear a Irish voice calling for him. At first i thought it was Niall but i realized it was feminine. But I thought nothing of it, thinking it was only my imagination. But then i feel a tap on my shoulder.

I turn around to see a beautiful girl with strawberry-blond hair in a pixie cut like Anne Hathaway, She had freckles and gorgeous Green eyes with gold specks. She was petite though.

I thought she was a fan before she talked, "Mr.Tollfin," She starts, "Hello I'm Mikaela Nicole Tulipson, and Piper wanted me to let you know that my sisters Colleen and Jessica are leaving the Orphanage today." Then she hands me documents, "Um thank you." I reply. She looks at her watch. "Sorry I gotta go." she says then leaves.

I walk to the café and see James. I hand him the stuff. "I guess we really do look a like." He looks at me quizzically. Then I begin to explain.


Hey Peoples, Sorry I've been Gone long.

Love you


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