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Deep down I knew,

This love isn't gonna stay,

I still loved you,

A mistake for which I did pay.

Deep down I knew,

We would walk away,

Away from each other,

On our different way.

But I couldn't stop,

From walking down that lane,

My hand in yours,

For as long as I can.

Deep down I knew,

that good byes await,

I thought it would be emotional,

Something else was in fate.

I wishes, You would look into my eyes,

Kissing me, wiping my tear,

Telling me, "We have to part,

For it's not in our fate dear.

You have promises, I responsibilities,

Things we can't deny,

But our love will remain,

In my heart till I die."

Rather your eyes were on the horizon,

As you told me you love someone else,

That tears shouldn't be wept,

For our love was just a phase.

Saying we had some good time,

Now we should just move on,

Eyes averted; expression cold,

All emotions you had, seems to be gone.

Rather than love & pride,

I walked ways filled with anger & pain,

Questioning if I wasn't good enough,

From this betrayal, what did you gain?

I knew I had different dreams,

For us to be friends forever,

But it's OK that you hurt me,

For It made me stronger than ever.


Hey everyone.

Sorry for the late updated. I was just taking some time to settle down in the college and hostel. And I have got loads of work. My rusty brain is taking longer to catch up with the course.

So wasn't getting much time to update. There goes another poem. Waiting for you Comments!!!!!!!!!!

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