As time past we ended the day watching movies and drinking hot chocolate, just enjoying the moment. May fell asleep on the couch so I pulled a blanket over her and turned the rather large TV off before heading up to my room grabbing some clean comfy cloths to sleep in and walk into my bathroom. I let my thoughts run wild as the hot water runs over my body.

tomorrow is gonna be a busy day...


 I wake up early and jump out of bed full of energy, pick a worm but comfortable outfit and rush down the stairs bursting into the kitchen. "Well someones keen to go out today" Johnathan says taking a sip of his coffee. "she should be we are going to have so much fun!" aunt May tells us, "what would you like for breakfast Johnathan is having scrambled eggs do you want some to because there is heaps here?" she asks. "yea sure" I say poring myself a glass of apple juice and then sit at the table opposite Johnathan.

We sat and ate in a comfortable silence before both May and I got up clearing the table and stacking the dishwasher. Johnathan left for work soon after that and kissed May good-bye, it was so cute, I hope to have a relationship like that one day.

"so you ready to go?" May ask's.

"yea definitely I cant wait to look around and stuff!" I say.

"come on then lets go" she says, "oh and your gonna have to take your car for a joy ride soon it looking a little lonely"

"yea ok I will I just worried I would get lost so that's why i'Il wanna go out so bad so that I could look around and wont get lost ya no?..." I tell her.

"yea I get what you mean." We climb into her white BMW that looks so untouched. The drive into the city is short and I look out the window in amazement. "this place is so beautiful" I say more to myself but loud enough for her to hear me. She parks the car and I jump out picking up some snow and letting it fall again from my finger tips. "is this the first time you have seen snow coz you look like a 3 year old right now?" May says getting out of the car. "um....yea kinda we don't get snow in NZ unless your in the South island and I live in the North island..." I explain. "oh that such a shame...but I bet your summers are amazing"

"yea they are I guess"

"so what do you want to do first?"

"um... site seeing?"

"yea sure come then"


The London eye, Tower of London, British Museum, Big Ben and royal palace......

After a long time walking and driving around we find a nice cafe for lunch. I sat and watched the busy life of London zoom past as I drank from my hot chocolate that had tiny marshmallows floating in it. Soon after we had our lunch we fond our way into a rather large shopping center. looking around I find a Fancy looking jewellery shop and walk in having a good look around until I come across this really cool under water watch that would be grate for Jerome, and this pretty gold necklace  with a diamond star hanging of it for Lily, a silver horse cram bracelet for Keeley and a amazing gold necklace with a dark blue sapphire heart and the word forever hanging from it for Zoe.

By the time it got dark out side I had about 30 different bags in my hands, May had less then I but I didn't care. We piled our things into the back of the car and headed for home. We got home to find that Johnathan had ordered pizza and watching movies.

we ate our pizza and I told Johnathan about the awesome day I had, as soon as I had finished my rambling he asked if I wanted to watch a movie but I told him that I had home work to do and I wanted to get my gifts ready to post.

So I ended up getting the gifts wrapped and packaged, I add some British lollies to each of them and I finished my English paper and started some of my bio and then just gave up on it, and went down to my music room, sat behind the drums picked a random song off my play list and started to play along.

I lost count on how meany songs I had played through and the next time I looked at the clock  it was almost 12am, so I dragged my sleepy body up the stairs and took a shower crawling into bed and flicking through the movies installed on the flat screen that hangs on the wall in front of my bed. I chose 'The Avengers'  and turned down the volume so that I wouldn't wake anyone. After resitting every line to one of my favorites of all time I find myself drifting into sleep, only to be waked again by the sound of a loud crash coming from just down the hall way...

I get up out of bed and rush down the hall to where the noise came from. What i found was defiantly not what I was hoping May is on the bathroom floor broken glass and blood is spread around her, a deep cut splits the skin on her forehead and there are scratch's and bruises all over her. "oh my gosh! aunt May are you ok?" I move over to her and untangle her from the glass. "mmmagh" she mumbles, "its ok May I'm going to call an ambulance ok, can you try and tell me what happened?" I ask pulling out my phone. "I was.... floor wet.... cleaning up.... slipped...'" the words fall from her mouth in a muddled mess. I notice that one of the powdered foundations is all over the sink, "May were you cleaning the stuff in the sink when you slipped on the wet floor? can you nod if that is what happened?" I ask, and get the response I wanted. she moans in pain and try's to sit up but fails. "May know it hurts ok but I need you to keep still the ambulance is coming ok" I tell her. "ok... head..." she tells me a few tears slipping out. "I knew, I knew" I say.

A few hours to long I an finely aloud to enter her hospital room Johnathan at my side, "she has a deep laceration to her head and a broken hand we are going to keep her here until later today as see was showing signs of a concoction" the Doctor informs us. 'so she will be ok?" Johnathan asks, "yea she will" the Doctor tells him. I walk over to the set beside her bed. "she unconscious for the time being" the Doctor says. I nod but talk to her as if she was awake and talking, "so I drove my car here so it not so lonely anymore haha" I tell her. "I wish you were with me though we could have gone out into the country and given it some speed" I add. Johnathan joins me at her side. "the consorts today aunt May...I wish you could come home and get ready with me and we would of had so much fun... I love you hope you get better soon" I say to her.

I spend most the day with her until I had to drive home to get ready to out again but this time to the concert. the drive felt like forever but was only 10 minutes. As soon as I got in the door I ran up stairs to get ready slowly getting my excitement back...


(so what happens no with the concert and all haha will May be ok? idk have to find out... love u guys keep reading im updating faster so yea that something i guess hope u like the chapter i think im getting better but not really so any feed back would be awesome thanx love u lots xx)

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