Chapter 6 : Feisty my foot!

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The game of life is a lot like football. You have to tackle your problems, block your fears, and score your points when you get the opportunity.

- Lewis Grizzard


Chapter 6 : Feisty my foot!


Previously: Here I was totally drenched, wearing a dress with killer heels (literally), walking on a deserted street, waiting for a text or a call from my friend, going towards a car which I'm not exactly sure where Rox parked.

How bad can it get???

Looks like I spoke too soon, because the next moment I felt a greasy manly hand on my shoulder accompanied by a slurring " Heyyyy Daaarlinn.."


You know how in so many romantic novels and movies, when the girl is in such a situation, suddenly out of nowhere the boy or the hero comes and beats the bad guy, saving the girl?

Well, this was reality so I knew no one was going to come flying out of the sky or zooming in a bat-mobile to save me. I was all alone in this situation and it was up to me.

And so I pushed the man back and ran. Ran with all the strength I had, despite my heels that were planning to get me killed. I was hardly able to walk in them, yet now I had to run. I would seriously sue the heel-making-company. If I survive, that is.

"Heyy babyyy where-e are you go-oing? Co-ome here a-and w-we will have so-ome fuunn!" came a slurring voice, breaking my thoughts, very different from the one before, followed by the pounding of their feet against the ground.

Not one but two! Can my luck get any better today?

I was trying my best to outrun them, but they were most likely wearing comfortable shoes. Now I really wish I could have worn my converse. A loud groan interrupted my thoughts and before I could react, I felt two hands wrap around me from behind. They forced my back to press into a muscular chest. "Feistyy I like itt..." The man slurred once again.

A growl formed in the bottom of my throat, now all the fear gone, leaving only anger. Dude, I gave you an option of leaving me alone, but looks like you didn't want that!

"Feisty, my foot!!" I exclaimed, as I stomped my foot onto his feet and heard the crunching of my heel. Looks like they weren't so useless after all!

"Bitchh!!" shouted the man, releasing his hold of me.

Now I wasn't going to run. Nuh-uh. I was going to teach them who was boss.

I turned to face my attackers and my stomach churned. The first had rough, muddy blond hair, with a tattoo on his right arm, which wasn't clear due to the dark, and he had a very muscular body. He had that killer look in his eyes, a fire which wouldn't seize until his goal was achieved. Me. The second one who was hot on our trail joined his friend. He was no less ugly with rough features and an unshaved beard. He had thin black hair with a scar running along his left eye. Both of them smelt of alcohol.

Looking at each other, they did some eye gestures, which confused me. And suddenly the first one sprang into action and charged at me but I easily ducked his attack by moving aside, thanking my reflexes. He stumbled onto the floor in defeat. I chuckled at his failure.

The second one looked shocked, but quickly composed his features and tried to punch me. I dodged it by ducking to my left and I rose my fist, smashing it into his ribs. " Aaooo.." he groaned pressing his right hand against his ribs.

"You messed with the wrong girl!!" And with that, I kicked him in the stomach, watching as he plummeted to the ground. But before I could do more damage to him, I was tackled from the side. The first guy jumped on me, making me fall on the ground on my back, with him on top of me. I wheezed in pain and breathed out in an attempt to soothe it.

Shit! Now how do I get out of this?

"You are going to pay-y for thiis." The guy growled, straddling me. His voice was clearer and it sounded as if he was getting sober.

Not good!

Just as I was about to give up, I felt a sudden power surge through me; a force that spread from my core to my whole body. It blossomed inside of me and pulsed through my veins to fill me with an overwhelming power of strength. With a burst of energy, I pushed him and as our positions reversed, I punched him straight on his face. Blood started seeping out of his nose, sliding down his face. I grinned with pride. I never knew I had such a nice punch!

Take that, asshole!

My gaze flickered towards the other guy, and a bit of my fear returned when I realized he had regained his posture by now. I looked down at the guy I was straddling and punched him once more, just to be sure. I knocked him unconscious and stood up, brushing myself down. Jerking my head up, I found that the second guy now had a knife.

Great! Just what I needed! A freaking knife!

He charged towards me and I dodged his first swing but wasn't as lucky when the other came. His knife plunged into my left arm, sinking into my flesh. "Aaoo.. That fucking hurt!" I screeched. A scorching pain shot up my arm, erupting from my wound and I winced in agony.

Then, I felt that power once again and jerked my foot upwards. I kicked him straight on his hand that held the knife, making him lose his grip and the knife fell on the ground with a delicate 'clink'. I felt as if the air moved with me. He looked shocked and before he could do anything again I punched him straight on the face, despite the pain that was still evident. He fell unconscious like his friend. Wow, that punch was powerful!

"You bastard! This is gonna leave a scar!!" I gestured towards my arm, even though I knew he probably wasn't listening and I kicked him once again.

I made my way towards the other guy. "And you! Learn to fight like a man! Try attacking from the front for a change!" And with that I kicked him too.

I felt the power drain from me as I let out a sigh of relief, silently thanking Ava for teaching me self-defense. If she hadn't, I don't know what would have happened tonight. I shuddered imagining it and brushed a finger over my knife wound. It throbbed and tingled at my touch, more pain burning inside of me. I continued to walk but my body was so exhausted and tired. All my energy had been drained out after that fight. And my left arm was hurting like hell and I didn't have anything to cover my wound.

I was still walking on the street, trying to remember where exactly did Roxanne park her car. But, soon my vision started getting blurry and walking seemed like the most difficult job in the world. Every step was a torture. Suddenly I saw two lights coming my way, but before my brain could comprehend what they were, I fell down on the gravel floor, my wound hurting more due to the sudden movement.

Darkness surrounded me and all I heard was a distant whisper "Sunsh.." before I gave into it.


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