Chapter 1

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"Yeah mom?"

"We might have a problem." She stood at the door holding the ruins of my childhood.

My mask.

I loved it so much I would wearing each and everyday to school up until 7th grade.

"What happened?!!" I jump up to take the mask.

"The cat found it, long story short there's a mess downstairs."

I made it my mission to restore it.

Two weeks later it was to its proper condition.

But what good is it lying around?

I decided to combine both of my childhood components to be freaking awesome and give to the AH community.

"And that's the story if the mask." I say into the microphone.

I finish the game play, edit, and upload it before I had to go to my job.

"Rosie! Rosie! Look look mommy got me a mask so I could be just like you!" My little sister Julie said excitedly.

"Lemme see!" I say picking her up.

She held up an elegant purple mask to her face and couldn't stop smiling.

"That's awesome Jules!"

I felt like a mom to her, considering the age difference.

I was 24 and she was 6.

"Mommy said we can both go to RTX like this!" She squealed.




"Yeah mommy told me to keep it a....oh...." Her face kinda dropped.

"Mom!" I scream.

"What what happened?" She came running in.

"Am I really going to RTX this year?"

"Little miss tattle tale couldn't keep it a secret huh?" She looks at my sister.

"Is that a yes?"

"Happy birthday." She smiled.

I gave her a huge hug and started packing.

"One condition, you have to bring you're sister." She said.

"Yeah yeah of course." I grinned like an idiot.

"You'll be there for the week, just, be safe."

"Yeah. Yeah I know."

"C'mon Julie let's start packing."

I pack my suitcase full of RT shirts and set it aside for next week.

Then I head off to work.

As a barista in New York, it's not uncommon for dudes to hit on me.

"Hey baby, how bout you and me grab dinner tonight?" Some douchebag asked.

"How bout you go back to your wife instead of trying to cheat on her with the slutty barista girl?" The look on his face showed that I was dead on.

He paid for his coffee and left in a hurry.


"Hi, regular cup of coffee please?"

The rest of my shift was boring and I just wanted to go home.

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