Rose's POV

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The sun was already high in the sky by the time Rose set off for her grandmother's house. It was late Autumn, and leaves littered the pathway in hues of red and gold. The path that wove through the forest was a dangerous one, for it was home to wolves.

Wolf attacks had been frequent of the late, especially around the full moon. Rose's mother disapproved of her daughter journeying into the woods, but knew that someone had to visit her poor, sick grandmother. It was a good day's journey through the woods, and Rose's mother had sent her out early in the morning. But Rose had got caught up at the markets, as she did most of the time, and only entered the forest towards the end of the day.

As she followed the familiar path, Rose clutched her basket tight. It contained a bottle of wine and a piece of cake, which her mother had told her would aid her grandmother in her recovery. Many in the village were sick, as the weather was cold and wet and many who worked in the fields came home with soaked shoes and a cold. That is why Rose's mother had her daughter wear a long, red, hooded cloak to protect her from the strong winds that blew through the trees.

After Rose had been walking for a long time, the sun began to set. The moon was almost full, and it shone through the canopy above, illuminating the dark pathway ahead of Rose. Her brown leather boots crunched on the autumn leaves, breaking the silence that enveloped the woods like a blanket.

It was a wolf's howl that broke that silence for the second time. It tore through the quietness like a knife through paper. Rose stopped in her tracks, pulling her cloak tightly around her. The howl came again, this time louder and definitely closer. She knew that she was only about a quarter of an hour away from her grandmother's house; she knew that from repeated visits over the years. She took off sprinting down the path, kicking up dust and leaves as she ran. Rose hugged her basket close to her chest as her cloak billowed around her like rogue flame. Her hood blew free of her head, releasing her raven hair into the night. She didn't stop running until the wolf leapt onto her, dragging Rose to the ground. She screamed, struggling under the weight of the wolf. She was on her back, with the wolf's paws on her shoulders, pinning her down. She stared up at it, her eyes wide and her breath coming in short bursts, as it clawed at her and bit at her arm. The pain was like fire, tearing through her body. Rose screamed again, wriggling and kicking at the wolf. It growled at her, staring down at her with wide, brown eyes that were shockingly human. It was in those eyes that Rose saw her own reflection; her shocked, blue eyes, porcelain skin and red lips. She gasped, struggling against the weight of the wolf and, to her surprise, it sprung away from her and dashed into the trees, howling. She struggled to her feet, stunned, just before she collapsed to the ground again and lost consciousness.

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