Getting on a train, to go to San Fransico is gonna suck. As I put my bags in the seat next to me, a gorgeously sexy young man sits in the seat across from me. As I sit down, I see him reading The Great Gapsy. I open my mouth and say "iv read that book". He looks at me and smiles. I blush like a dork. "I'm Vic" I said as I put my hand out. "Hi I'm Kellin" he says. He shakes me hand.My heart raced "oh my gawd what am I feeling, why am I feeling this?" I thought to myself. Kellin looked away. I don't know why I craved his attention so bad. I guess cause he has the look of a dark angel or that he sounds like the sweetest song you will ever hear. I have no idea what it is about Kellin but it's something I can't wrap my finger around.

     "Where are you going vic, may I ask". I looked at Kellin. "I'm going to San Fransico, what about you?" "I'm going to the same place, me and my band are meeting with this band called "Pierce the Veil, I heard their music it's pretty rad". I looked up at him with the biggest suprised look on my face. "Uh.. Kellin that's my band." He looked at me and smiled. "That's great I get to work with someone as amazing as you." I blushed in front of him, I couldn't stop turning pink. The rest of the train ride we talked about the band, and we went over the songs. He wrote this amazing song called Satellites and it was really amazing. His voice was like a angel singing from the heavens. I wouldn't mind riding trains from now on as long as Kellin's there. We got to the train station and we both got off together. "Where are you headed vic?" Kellin asked. "Oh.. I'm headed to my brothers house." Kellin looked sad. "What's wrong Kellin?" He looked up and said "we're going our separate ways now?" I looked at him and said "Kellin chill, we will see eachother at practice". I felt some way about Kellin and I didn't want to show it, because I didn't want to freak him out. I don't know his sexuality. I don't know if he likes men. 

   I saw my brother, he was standing there with his normal attire. I walked up to him and gave him to most manliest bro hug ever. "Hey bro ready to get the hell out of here?" I looked at him "hell yeah I'm feeling train sick." We walked towards the exit, but I looked back and saw Kellin being picked up by some guy. I felt really sad. What if that was his boyfriend? I felt more sick then train sick. I was quiet in the car. Mike knew something was wrong with me. "Hey Vic are you okay? You seem all depressed". I kept my head down. "Yes I'm fine just feeling sick". I couldn't help shake the feeling of Kellin and I being a thing. There is no way. I should just forget it. I layed my head down on the car door and fell asleep.

    We arrived at my brothers place and as i walk through the door i see Jaime and Tony fighting over who gets the remote. I smiles and said "its good to be home". Jaime and Tony ran and gave me a bro hug. Jaime grabbed my hand and held it because we are crazy like that.

    I went upstairs and put my bag on the bed. I couldnt quite thinking of Kellin. The color of his eyes. How his hair flipped in his face. Even the sound of his name made my knees weak. I couldnt stop thinking about him. Kellin, Kellin Quinn his voice made my heart stop. I like Kellin Quinn.

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