The Plan works & Black Sand

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The last thing i remember I was talking to punzie about Kristoff when Hans,Pitch & Bethany Came from behind us & Pushed Punzie into A locker & everything went black the next thing i remember im in a basement it was cold & Dark until someone walked in. I couldn't see who it was cause on how dark it was, When my eye Adjusted & i was Hans with a plate of what looks like food. I was Angry that he has me locked up in this gross Basement.

A: Why did you bring me here

HS: *Laughs* You know why i brought you here

A: Um No that's why i'm asking you Idiot

HS: Now it's not nice calling people names 

A: Shut Up & Tell me why the fuck im here

HS: Simple I Want your sisters & Jack To Suffer

A: What.....Why 

HS: Oh & I also want your sister Elsa

A: Elsa will never leave Jack for someone so ugly like you

P: Don't worry Anna They have to choose who comes with us.

A: What Do you mean Pitch

B: HE Means That Jack, Elsa Or Crystal have to give up one of them or jack & Elsa Have to break up to get up back 

A: They will never fall for you trap

HS: Oh they already have Anna Here eat up we want you to live


P: You First Anna *Laughs*

After they left i felt sadness filling in my heart. Will my sisters & Jack give themselfs up no their to smart to fall for their trap. everyday they cam down to leave food & Tell me there plans i was getting even more sad cause for the past 4 days i was thinking Of The 3 of them if they are going to fall for this Bullshit & i also was thinking of Kristoff i wonder how their doing. I was snapped out of my thought When Pitch came in & Dragged me out of the basement & into a black Honda i was kicking & Screaming for him to let me go. We Drove to a empty lot near the woods. after like 10 mins we heard Motors roaring & we saw 3 Motorcycles & 1 Dark green Lexus pull up. My heart started to race when i saw them i wanted to cry cause one of them was going to give themselfs up. Why WHy would they do this why.


It's Been 4 Days Since they took Anna & were getting Kinda Worried Elsa & Crystal Haven't Slept in those pass 4 days. Emma Hasn't Been herself Lately she's always Happy & fell with joy but since Anna is Gone she hasn't. Kristoff looks Tierd, sad & hasn't Been eatting ever since we told him that Anna was Kidnapped he hasn't been himself. We all got together since we have to meet up the ugly crew in a few hours. I know what your thinking did we find some one that looks like Crystal yes yes we did. Hiccup found her Fangirls what are you going to do about it. After 5 hours waitting the sun had set & we all got on out bikes Crystal went in Hiccup's Car with Merida & rap. Elsa & i got on our bikes so did that fake Crystal got on Crystal's bike. We drove for what felt lke a centery but when we got there the walking dead were there with Anna. Elsa was about to run twords her but i hold her back so they won't get Elsa as well.


P: You'll get her Back if on of you 3 give you selfs up

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