The truth

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Roger's POV

Jealousy was the word but why tho ?
He liked girls but . . . now he liked boys to .
Oh God . . . After a few moments Roger remembered the guy he used to have a crush on . His name was Tim . The blond knew Tim was gay after he told him while he was drunk , but Roger promised him to keep his secret . The drummer wanted to confess to Tim at their friend's birthday party . Roger asked one of Tim's friends Paul where is Tim . Both went to find Tim . After a while Roger said he needed to go at the toilet .
-Hey can you show me where the bathroom is ?
-Sure follow me . said Paul
Roger was not ready for what was about to happen . He caught Tim sucking someones dick .
-Why are you standing there Rog- . . . What . The . Fuck ?! said Paul terrified
- I-I can ex-explain ! said Tim
- Ok explain ! said Roger trough his teeth
- I was ... uh ... well ...
-EXPLAIN RIGHT NOW ! screamed Roger .
-There is nothing to explain Roggie ! Said Paul . ''Our friend Tim was just sucking someones dick ! Am I right TIM ?
People were now curious about the screames coming upstairs . Everyone find Tim and that guy naked in the bathroom .
Roger didn't talk to Tim because everyone was bullying the poor guy , and if someone was talking to him they would be considered "faggots'' .
God . . . He hated that word .

From that moment Roger decided not to be with any guy because he thought he would and up like Tim .
He did a verry good job until he met Freddie Bulsara . Until he heard Freddie that he liked boys to .
When he arrived home he searched on the computer what happens if you like boys and girls at the same time .
Results :

Freddie's POV

Perfect ! Roger fucking left him ! He probably hates him now !
He yelled after him but no response . He even tried to run after him if Deacy and Brian didn't hold him .
Now Freddie was lost .

Brian's POV

After the car fucker left , him and Deaky told Freddie to stay calm and then they maked the singer some jessamine tea . ''This should calm him for a bit '' Bri thought .
-He seems so sad ! Brian said in a drepresed voice . Jhon squezed his cold hands .
- I don't know if I should tell you this . . .
- Tell me what ? Bri was now curious
- Well ...
- Come on John , spill the tea . . . Not literally of course . Come on just tell me !
-Freddie likes Roger .
-I THAUGHT IT WAS OBVIOUS ! AND ... and I think Roger likes him back .
- What ? Bri laughed . Our Rog is straight as a ruler !
- More like straight as a noddle ! Come fukin' on Bri ! Don't you see the way he looks at Freddie ? Hell he hadn't had groupies in ages ! Roger is not straight nor gay he is bisexual .
- Bi what ? I know there are only gay and lesbians ?
- Bisexual is when you like girls and boys at the same time .
- Why do you know these things about bisexuality Deaks ? John squezed his hand and then whispered
- Because I am bisexual , silly .
Bri looked at him with surprise .
John stood on his tiptoes and then he placed a gentle an affectionate kiss on the guy whom he loved with all of his heart .

( YEET )

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