The rise of the drapple hunters

222 19 12

Day: 1

Time: 6:30 am

Remaining: 13

Current Mode: drapple

Ian Kabra's p.o.v

The last thing I remembered was draco- hold on, how did I know his name? Strange. Anyway the last thing I remembered was Draco pointing that stick at me and shouting stupefy, and then I blacked out.

"Renervate," I heard someone say, and then I woke up to see a greasy haired man, Snape I somehow knew he was called, standing over me pointing a stick at me.

"Hello Ian," he said, pulling me to my feet.

"How do you know my name, Snape?"

"How do you know mine," he replied, cool as a cucumber. I was quite confused, but Snape didn't know I had a tiny fully loaded poison dart gun Hidden in my sleeve, that could be activated by pressing my tongue against the sensor in my mouth, so I wasn't afraid of him. I had so many questions so I went for the most important one.

"Does the Draco boy still have Applette?"

"Yes," Snape replied, "but that's where you come in. What skills do you have?"

"Why do you ask?" I replied, a little taken aback by the change of subject.

"Because I am forming a team of the best people to hunt him down. We can share Appley. And if you have the skills, I want you on my team."

I smiled. This would work for me. I decided to go along with them for the most part, but at the end... Applette will be mine forever.

"I am an incredible cryptographer, I am a master strategist, I can supply your team with poison dart guns, I am incredibly stealthy and extremely intelligent," I replied. That was all true and I was not making it up.

Snape held out his hand. "Welcome to the team," he announced.

Suddenly, there was a rustling noise and a stupid boy fell out of the bushes. He looked as if he was the stupid age of 16, with stupid brown hair in a stupid haircut. He had a stupid face with stupid eyes, a stupid nose full of stupid nosehair and a stupid mouth full of stupid teeth and a stupid tongue and... Well, you get the picture. I recognised him at once. Justin Bieber. "Um... Hi, can I be in your g-group?" He asked stupidly.

"JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!!" I roared, and everyone else roared with me, and we dived on him. And there was ripping. And there was tearing. And there was screams. And there was blood. And then the screams stopped

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