Chapter 3

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What do you think Principal Watson wants to speak to us for? Asked Mia. I have no idea. I hope it isn't for last Tuesday when I pushed that boy on the ball field. Said Jocie. Yeah, you really showed him! He deserved it though. Said Mia. It was an accident! I barely touched him. He must of tripped on a rock or something. Said Jocie.

The secretary told the girls to have a seat outside Mr. Watson's office. He will be with you girls in a moment the secretary said to Jocie and Mia. Jocie and Mia walked down the hallway to Mr. Watson's office when she got the same feeling she had this morning. Jocie shrugged it off as being nervous. She was nervous, nervous her Summer could possibly be ruined! I really do not want to get into trouble just weeks before Summer vacation. This Summer is suppose to be the best Summer ever! I turn sixteen in August. I was hoping my parents would let me have a really big party! Also I can get my drivers license as well. No more parents driving me to karate or anywhere for that matter. Said Jocie. I don't turn 16 until December! At least I will have a friend that can drive! Said Mia.

Hello Jocie, hello Mia. Thanks for your patience. Mia can I get you to run this file to room 141 for me while I talk to Jocie. When you are done come back and we will be with you shortly. Asked Mr. Watson. Sure Mr. Watson. Said Mia. Come on in Jocie. There is someone who wants to speak with you. Said Mr. Watson.

As Jocie entered the room she noticed Ms. Garcia standing by the window looking out like she didn't even notice anyone had entered the room. Mr. Watson pulled a chair out for Jocie to sit on. Thank you Mr. Watson. Said Jocie. Ms. Garcia turned to Jocie and gave her that familiar smirk that had haunted Jocie the entire break. Josie, did you find my lecture interesting? Asked Ms. Garcia. Yes mam very interesting thank you. Said Jocie. You didn't seem too interested in what I had to say. It seemed like your mind was elsewhere. Said Ms. Garcia. I didn't mean to be rude Ms. Garcia but I did find your lecture very intriguing. It sparked a fire inside of me to get ready for the future and go after my dreams. I could tell you inspired a lot of the other students as well. Said Jocie. Good, that is why I am hear for. To inspire the students to follow their dreams and be successful. I bet you are wondering why you are hear talking to me for right now. Said Ms. Garcia. Well, the only thing I am really worried about is if I am trouble or not. Said Jocie. No no my child you are not in trouble by any means. It is the absolute opposite. You are here because you have done well and I have something I want to offer you. A once in a lifetime opportunity. Said Ms. Garcia. Jocie's mind went blank. She didn't know what to think of what was happening.

My job Jocie is to go from school to school and evaluate students that have specific talents. There are academy's all over the world that specialize in almost anything you can think off. We don't just evaluate your academics but also your extra curricular activities. Do you remember the assessment test you took at the beginning of the school year? Asked Ms. Garcia. Yes I do. It was very odd if I must say so. The questions were very random. Said Jocie. Yes that is the purpose of the test. We want to see who thinks outside of the box. Of all the students in the state you score in the top 1%. Very impressive to say the least. Said Ms. Garcia. Thank you, I try very hard to do my best. Said Jocie. As I said before Jocie there are academy's all over the world. Our government is looking for candidates to send to these academy's to represent the United States and you have been chosen as a possible candidate. There will be more testing and interviews before you will be accepted into the program. Said Ms. Garcia. I understand. Do I get to choose what academy I would be attending? Asked Jocie. Her mind was going a million miles a second. She could not focus at all and she felt like she was stuttering every time she spoke. Of course Jocie. You and your parents will decide which and even if you will be able to participate in the program. Your parents will have to agree with the program as well, of course. This program is new to the United States so we are putting our focus on just a few academy's and hopefully with the success our students will bring back to the states we will branch out into more fields of interest. Said Ms. Garcia. What fields are open to us right now? Asked Jocie. There is the Williamsburgh Ocean Biology Academy in Melbourne Austrailia that sudies marine biology and eco friendly solutions, the Red Sky Academy in Norway which focuses on the cosmos and the Universe, the Sir Charles Dickens Academy which studies literature and all types of written work from ancient texts to current events and then there is the Paris Art and Fashion Academy which involves artwork from all generations as well as fashion throughout history. Jocies eye's started to glow in excitement. Ms. Garcia noticed this right away and knew which academy she would choose. Ms. Garcia did feel a bit guilty for the rouse but it is what needed to be done.

Ms. Garcia asked Jocie to talk over the options with her parents. I will contact you and your parents later this week for a decision. Said Ms. Garcia. Wait, Ms. Garcia, will you be speaking to Mia about the same opportunities? Asked Jocie. I can't say right now but you will have time to talk to her later Jocie. When Jocie left the Mr. Watson's office she was expecting to see Mia sitting by the door but she wasn't there. The thought came and went as fast as a needle through a piece of fabric. So many thoughts were rushing through Jocie's head. She couldn't help but yell out a very quiet shriek the entire way back to her class room. Throwing her hands from side to side waving her long black hair all around like she was a rock star. She entered the classroom and noticed the desk next to her's was still empty. The desk that was usually occupied by her best friend. Jocie calmed down for a second and prayed that Mia was being offered the same opportunities she had just been.

Mia was just as smart as Jocie. Mia was more book smart than Jocie. Jocie was able to apply her talents outside of the classrooma lot better. Jocie was the best Karate student in her weight class. Her Sensai has told her many times she is quickest student he has ever taught. He would always try to get her to be more aggressive in her counter attacks but no matter how hard she tried she could not over come the weakness. This drawback is the only thing holding her back from dominating the tournaments they hold every year. Jocie's sensai would tell her parents that some people do not have the mental capability to cause physical pain on another person even when it is in sport. Ever since Mia came to the school Jocie has been a much happier person. She found her equal and someone she has bonded with like she has never experienced before. Jocie and Mia would always joke around saying that the only reason they get a long is because everyone else are inferior beings!

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