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Nina's POV

I wake up from a sleepless night and the time, it's 8:00.

I can't believe what happened

I just did it and didn't do anything to obstruct I it

I just made out with Paul,

we nearly had

we nearly had.... sex this could really brake Ian,

that's why he's not going to find out,

it wasn't like just a kiss, it was a full make out session.

ok I need to get on with it ok so I'm going to candices party at 3 so I need to fill the time and do something, so that I don't keep thinking about it. I hate cheating on people so that's why I'm so sensitive when it comes to things like this, I hate hurting the people I care about. I can hide this as long as Paul doesn't tell, but I need to talk to him because I admitted I have feelings for him, but it's ok to have some feelings, I'm in love with Ian anyway. I just feel as though I have just basically destroyed our relationship.

Anyway I can sort it out with Paul later, when we go to candices party because he might take it the wrong way when I told him I had feelings for him. he might think that I will be with him, I love paul but as a friend. He is my best friend so I can ruin that.

if I go with Paul I will hurt Ian, but it can ruin the great friendship we have anyway, he is my best best friend so I can't not have him.

ok I have to stop thinking of this. I think I'll go to the gym and workout, I have t worked out for ages so it will be good. But this will bring back memories, when I saw Paul working out. he looked so hot, omg I can't.

but he looked so good.

right I'm getting up.

I get up and go into my wardrobe and grab my yoga pants and my tank top. I put on my Nike trainers. They are bright purple, I love them so much because they are so comfortable. I go into my fridge and grab one of my many lucozade drinks and I grab my gym bag which has my towel and my gym pass in and I put my phone and keys in too. I grab my cap too because I know there will be paparazzi after Paul came round last night.

I turn the lights off and go out. I jog to my car. Then I see the black paparazzi vans parked over the road from my house. I turn on the engine and pull off my drive to the gym but i take a scenic route so I can loose the paparazzi. I don't want them finding out which gym I go to.

I pull up on the gym car park and I check for the paparazzi and they are no longer behind. I jog down to the gym with my bag and go in. I greet the woman behind the front desk and go down to the workout area. I put my bag down and first I start off on the tread mill. I just put it on jogging pace. I do 15 minutes on that them I go over to the mats and I do 50 sit ups and then I do 50 press ups then again 50 sit ups 50 press ups. I feel tired but I need to push on. I then go to the pull up bars.

I usually struggle trying to do any on here, the most I've done is 15 and that was when I had to workout for the part of elena on the vampire diaries. That was a killer the workout regime they gave me.

I grab hold of the bar and I do 10 pull ups then when I think of hurting Ian with what happened between me and Paul I do another 5 because I'm angry. Then I do another 5 because I'm angry that I hurt Paul's feelings by leading him on.

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