Simran's  P.O.V.

   I was having the weirdest dream I had ever had before. I was in red salwar khameez doing some light make up my mom knocked on my bedroom door "Simi, better hurry up the guests are here." She said behind the door. I was wondering what guests she was talking about. They just  told me to get ready and didn't tell me anything about the guests. when I was done getting ready I went downstairs and I saw my mom talking to a lady about my mom's age when she saw me she said. your daughter is beautiful I liked her I hope my son likes her too beta how are u she said to me aunty am fine how are u dear am fine too    

and then I asked  my mom if she needs any help mom do you need help .no dear go the garden karan wants to meet you I was like who the hell is karan  but thank God they didn't hear me I went to the garden saw guy who facing his back at me I clear my throat excuse me i said when he turned. simi wake up   ugh that was dream Sonia why you always  rain my sweet dream I going to see his face man

sonia : simi don't tell me that you had those dreams again

Simran: sonny  don't tell me that you never had a dream about your future husband a.k.a Raj

Sonia: First of all don't call me sonny how  many times did I told you ( blushing)

Simran: omg sorry I forgot it and look at your face they are red as tamato haha

how can I tell Sonia  that I like  samir I  know she is gonna freak out if I  tell her but I don't have other option she is my best friend she will give advice I never liked a guy they always flirt with me and ask me out and I never say yes I always reject them  but this time and this is different all of them

Sonia: hey simi what are u thinking I was waving at you like 2 minutes lol what happen

Simran: umm sonny I wanna tell you something 

Sonia: yeah go ahead what is it.

Simran: umm sonny the think is

sonia : Simran is everything okay what happen are you hiding anything from me

Simran: no sonny everything okay but its something else  umm I like  someone..

Sonia: shocked WHATTTTTTT?

Simran: shaking my head yeah I know but don't say anything

Sonia: tell me all  the details now from being to the end

Simran: lol do you know samir

Sonia: yeah

Simran: it's  him I like him

Sonia:, man I can't believe it simi. does he like you

Simran: I don't know :(

       I know guys this chapter is short but  sorry I didn't had time to write long chapter ......

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